Vice News Hides Evidence

I just got off the phone with Elle Reeve at Vice News. On the prior call, Elle had asked me to meet with them in person for an interview, but since they promised not to release my location last time, and did anyway, I refused.

Vice News Hides Evidence
Vice News Hides Evidence

While I was in jail, I asked Elle to provide my attorney with video that Vice had from the events of August 11th because I wanted it as evidence. Unlike the violent, dishonest, communist agitators who attacked us, I have an interest in as much evidence as possible being brought to light. That’s why I record my calls, that’s why I wore a body camera, that’s why I recorded the unedited audio of our interview.

Vice News refused to provide the video, and vowed to fight if we subpoenaed it. Then they had the nerve to try and film my preliminary hearing.

Since Elle wanted a follow up interview in person, and I want the video, I figured we could trade. I sent Elle a text message saying “If you want that interview, I’ll require a show of good faith. Get the raw footage of August 11th and 12th to my attorney.”

She invited me to discuss the matter by phone, and the MP3 of that call is attached to this blog post. Vice News still refuses to give up evidence that may well vindicate an innocent man who has been framed for a crime and faces 40 years in prison. They do this in the name of remaining neutral, which is an absolutely laughable claim, since Vice News is a left wing propaganda mill that makes MSNBC look right of center.

They’re not just screwing me, they’re protecting Antifa, and they’re doing it on purpose.




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