Socialist Dog Mom And Leftist Pain Complaince

The captain of the Jewish Lesbian Beak Brigades, aka Molly (somebody dox this kike please?), is co-Chair of the Charlottesville Democratic Socialists of America. She was famously quoted, along with several other high ranking DSA members as saying “communism is good” and even went on to endorse mental illness as a virtue. 

For any sane person, these or any number of other embarrassing statements would result in shame, self reflection, and most certainly an exit from politics. Plenty of people have deleted their Twitter accounts over far less unsightly missteps.

Not the case for Molly. Whatever mental illness she is enjoying from day to day, it seems to leave her completely unaware of how ridiculous she looks, and this has provided many a right winger with a constant source of entertainment.

Like many communists, Molly seems to rather enjoy the hatred she earns from the breeding goyim. She half complains half brags about every negative tweet that finds its way into her mentions, and the frequency with which a single account seems to make such appearances seems to suggest that Molly is not getting quite the recognition she claims or thinks she deserves.

Despite the frequent cries of perpetual Nazi harassment and threats, Molly feels perfectly comfortable announcing her whereabouts in advance on Twitter, posting photos of herself and the dogs she calls her children, antagonizing the people she claims are lethal threats to the safety of every Leftist demographic, and begging for cash all the while. She would livestream from her phone at violent protests, interact with the police she claims are hunting people for sport, and was quite happy to talk to media outlets, so long as her friends assured her they were sufficiently Left wing.

So why did she delete her Twitter account?

Of course, many a Leftist presumed this was because of the “Nazis”. I swear these people would assume exactly this if they so much as caught cold in a synagogue.

Just recently I brought you the story of the DSA’s Phony Charlottesville Victim Crisis. In that story, I linked to a Twitter thread from @SocialistDogMom that “called out” the DSA for not indiscriminately dumping cash on every communist who rioted in Charlottesville and required a psychiatrist.

Judging by a Twitter search for the term socialistdogmom, it would seem going against her fellow communists is what finally caused Molly to disappear from sight.

The Democratic Socialists of America, it would seem, figured out what their more mainstream Democrat counterparts figured out a long time ago. Fundraising for dishonest causes is best done through dishonest means. When they raised a ton of money to “help” Charlottesville’s “victims” they just kept the money and left a whole lot of people wondering when they were going to be compensated for the crimes they committed last August.

Calling attention to that theft might seem like the virtuous thing to do, if you were blissfully unaware of what the DSA actually stands for, as one who suffers from mental illness might plausibly claim to be. I recall during the Bernie Sanders campaign, that many otherwise decent people were duped by the promises of free stuff, eternal peace, and an end to inequality. It is important for us on the Right to remember that some of our foes actually believe these lies.

But for those of us in the know, the DSA theft of funds came as no surprise. The whole entire point of communism is to steal, and the people who fall for the mimicking of charity are the marks of these crooks.

Watching the meltdown that took place on the lower end of the Leftist IQ bell curve reminded me of this scene from Casino about “leakage” where Joe Pesci said

There wasn’t much you could do about it. You’ve gotta know that a guy who helps ya steal, even if you take care of him real well, I mean he’s gonna steal a little bit extra for himself. Makes sense, don’t it? Right?

In that movie, when a lawsuit threatened to see the books of the Casino opened up, uncovering the scam, “the bosses” sent Pesci’s character to put a bullet in the brain of the woman who filed the suit.

Word is, Molly still has all the contaminants in her skull intact,  but whatever pressure the DSA managed to apply, it was clearly far more severe than all the “Nazis” could muster in the last 11 months.

Which really ought to tell you something about how dangerous these people are.



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