Radical Agenda S03E088 – Choices

Here at the Radical Agenda, we started off as a very libertarian production. Radical even, hence the name. We began this journey militantly asserting that governments had no more of a right to force people than anybody else, and that the only morally defensible use of force was in defense of one’s person and justly acquired property.

Radical Agenda S03E088 - Choices
Radical Agenda S03E088 – Choices

So with roughly a thousand hours of recordings behind us, it is not without a sense of irony that we now find ourselves amused at the symbolism of today’s episode number.

Visit a libertarian conference and you’ll be surrounded almost entirely by White men. They’ll make persuasive arguments about how the free market will lead everyone to make virtuous choices that benefit the whole of society. The same profit motive so demonized by our Leftist rivals, serves as their guiding light of providence.

There is more truth to this than most people give them credit for, but in all too many cases they are missing a rather vital component. Namely, the reason said conferences are full of White men.

White guys like libertarianism because choosing merit and cooperative competition works for us. We all choose to find our place in the pecking order and perform our function in the division of labor and are generally satisfied with the outcome, however unequal that outcome may be. We see someone who is very successful, and choose to follow them to greater success for ourselves. We see someone who has less than us, and choose to enlist their help to advance our own interests. Together, we choose to accomplish the most amazing things of any racial group ever to have lived.

By itself, this could almost be the story of White Nationalism.

But there is another missing component. For most libertarians, the concept of self sacrifice is foreign. The profit motive does not lead a man to choose to die for his country. It does not prepare him to choose the selfless struggle necessary to maintain this otherwise flawless cooperative arrangement. Were I to have strictly followed the profit motive in this mongrelized Jewish hellscape that is America, I’d have chosen to apologize for telling the truth and remain on broadcast radio. I would have chosen to flee when the communists attacked us on August 11th. I would have chosen to cave to the pressures of my legal entanglements months ago, and I definitely would not choose to talk about the Jew.

Better men than I have made far more difficult choices, and suffered far harsher consequences, far more stoically. If not for their resolve, I’d never have had the opportunity to even ponder the questions that have led us to this point.

I was recently met with a rather difficult choice to make, which I cannot tell you about just yet.  I felt humiliated just for being asked to make it. Indeed I am glad the camera is not on because I’d rather not show my face today.  A simple ledger of revenues and expenditures cannot even begin contemplate the complexity of the calculations we all have to make each day.

Our enemies are hell bent on the debasement of everything we care about. They are just as motivated by destruction as our libertarian friends claim to be by production. Our rivals depend upon this short sighted view of the world, and make the righteous path so prohibitively expensive and dangerous that nobody driven by mere motives of personal gain would dare choose it.

And indeed, few do choose it. When a content producer sees his YouTube video demonetized he changes course to placate the Southern Poverty Law Center. When Antifa threatens violence at political demonstrations, the supposedly respectable men of our society stay home. When a politician risks losing the next election for telling the truth, he lies.

And what rewards to we reap from choosing this path of least resistance? Streets paved with human feces. Transgender children. Men deprived of masculine drive. Women deprived of motherhood. The world’s largest economy owing more than it makes in a year.

Where is the profit in that?


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