A Less White New Hampshire

As I returned from Virginia almost a year after I was arrested there for defending myself at a political demonstration, I was contacted by the New Hampshire Union Leader asking for an interview. As seems to be the case with so many of my better interviews, I have not heard about it being published anywhere.

When the reporter asked me if there was anything else I wanted to add at the end of the call, I said “New Hampshire is a really nice place, and I hope it stays that way.”

New Hampshire is about 94% White according to a report in the New York Times, and I believe it because it matches my experiences here. I also happen to think it has a lot to do with our freedom and quality of life.

When I moved to New Hampshire in 2012, I didn’t think much about the subject of race. I moved to New Hampshire interested in the Free State Project, because I thought government was responsible for all our problems. If Harlem were as well armed as any city in New Hampshire, nobody would dare commit crimes there, I figured. It was the taxes creating the poverty, and the welfare State incentivizing people to stay in it. The war on drugs was responsible for the disproportionate representation of blacks in prison. Name your cliche, I knew them all, and that came in handy as I became a professional commentator.

Then during one of the Left’s quarterly gun control panics, I decided to write something edgy to piss them off. I challenged myself to make gun control look dumber than racism, thinking I might have my work cut out for me.

It wasn’t long before I published “Disarm Black Males on October 7th 2015. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it was going to be, either.

Here is a short snippet;

If we look up what cities have the highest murder rates in the United States, we rapidly notice a pattern developing.

According to the data from Neighborhood Scout, there were 156 murders in these four cities, with a total population of 215,997. That’s a murder rate of 72.22 per 100,000 people, second only to Honduras, the murder capital of the world.

The race pattern continues as we go on down the list, but I won’t bore you with all of those numbers. New Jersey and Illinois have very strict gun control laws, while Indiana and Pennsylvania have more relaxed controls, but haven’t gone full on constitutional carry. This dramatic variance in restrictions amongst the top four murder rates in the country shows a higher correlation for race than it does for gun control.

This research occurred near the beginning of a long and perilous journey, that today has me branded as one of the most notorious White Nationalists in America.

Some math whiz somewhere I’m sure calls this data insufficient. Perhaps it is, but there is plenty more data in the original blog post, and all over your televisions and newspapers every single day. No serious person disputes that non-whites are vastly over represented in crime statistics and welfare roles. People dispute the causes, but how often do you see these people willing to debate an “actual” racist? They’ll call you a racist for disagreeing with them, but when I talk they resort to violence because I won’t back down from that accusation.

In any case, New Hampshire residents are already well aware that a healthy respect for gun rights is not something that by itself would cause murder rates to spiral out of control. We know from experience that with the noteworthy exception of heroin addicts, the people of New Hampshire are for the most part responsible and decent folks who are not inclined to violent crime.

What I fear entirely too few New Hampshire residents have experience with, is what the Left often refers to as “diversity” or, as the honest ones call it, “fewer White people”.

But perhaps “fewer White people” does not do the subject of diversity justice, because they are not talking about turning suburbs into rural areas by decreasing the population.

They are indeed talking about reducing the White population when they raise taxes, cripple the economy, subsidize birth control and abortion, encourage women to join the workforce, make divorce easier and more profitable than marriage, and promote promiscuity, homosexuality and transgenderism. Everything the Left thinks about as “sexual” or “reproductive” rights is entirely weighted against reproduction, at least that of a people who would think twice about raising a family by way of government subsidy.

When this has its entirely predictable outcome of plummeting birthrates and an “aging population,” they scratch their heads as if the outcome was unforeseeable . Then they say “The White people are not breeding, we need new people”.

This plays out on the cable news networks in the form of the immigration debate. Democrats and their neocon Republican allies hinder President Trump’s immigration agenda in every imaginable way. Trump supporters are assaulted in the streets, and refused police assistance, because the people who attacked them called them racists while doing so. Even if you are an elected member of the House of Representatives, Twitter will silence you for agreeing with the President of the United States.

Replacing the existing population of the United States with people from other countries, is literally so important to the Left, that they are willing to resort to criminal violence, tank the stock of their own companies, and lie about it on television.

If race was not an important factor in political and social outcomes, would they go to this much trouble? Non-whites vote Democrat pretty reliably, and you can bet that no amount of outreach will convert more new conservatives than Democrats can import new communists and socialists.

Is this really because they are so concerned with the wellbeing of people in other countries? Considering the fact that they also want to mirror so many of the policies of the countries these people are supposedly fleeing from, I have my doubts about the merits of their intentions.

Is it really because they cannot stand the thought of children being separated from their parents? Considering that every parent who violates a law in our country runs the risk of being separated from their children, and that every policy the Left favors is hostile to the very concept of family, I find it preposterous that anyone expects us to believe these “for the children” hysterics coming from the party of big government and gay marriage.

Is it really just to prevent hurt feelings? My experience says their eternal screams of “hate speech” are far more geared toward subject matter which people might find convincing, than that which people might find “offensive”.

A Less White New Hampshire
A Less White New Hampshire

After all, if they were concerned about people being offended, the New York Times would not be tweeting “New Hampshire is 94% white. It is now trying to figure out how to change that.”

Speaking as a White New Hampshire resident, I find that pretty offensive. If I wanted to make a neighborhood less black, or less hispanic, or less Jewish, we all know how that would be received. I can’t even protest the removal of a statue without getting pepper sprayed and framed for crimes. Just hoping to maintain white demographics is considered racist these days. Yet “The Paper of Record” is openly celebrating a plan to “change the demographics” of New Hampshire by a “racially diverse coalition of people” with the help of Eversource, the supplier of our electricity.

Granted, they toned it down when they posted the same story a second time the same day, instead saying “New Hampshire is 94% white. Business leaders and government officials want to make the state more diverse.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m still pretty offended, as are a lot of the Twitter comments now hidden behind the “Show More Replies” link. I don’t think a government policy to reduce the representation of my racial group in the population, is going to benefit me very much at all. In fact, I think it is going to make sure the Republican party never gains power again, and our general elections will begin looking more like Democrat primaries. That means higher taxes, more gun control, and of course, more of the “diversity” that made it possible in the first place.

There is an ever increasing amount of “diversity” all throughout the country. If it was such a huge benefit, people would go out in search of it instead of retreating so predictably from its perils that “White flight” is a phrase that needs no explanation. Non-whites move in, White people move out, and rather than coping with the realities of crime and social problems brought by the changing demographics, this is blamed on “racism” and dismissed as a quirk of the White psyche. We’re seriously expected to believe that White people are irrationally selling their homes and uprooting their families for no other reason than because they don’t like the aesthetics of the neighbors skin tone.

The solution to this White racism problem of course, is to make sure there are no more places for White people to flee to. Once it is completely impossible to escape the wonders of diversity, we’ll stop running away and accept the wisdom of our betters, or so we are expected to believe.  Eternal egalitarian harmony awaits us, just as soon as we allow ourselves to become a minority in our own country.

Well, if they are permitted to do this, we had best all hope that our betters are right. Something tells me a program to get New Hampshire back to being 94% White when this doesn’t work out, would meet a lot more resistance than the demographic changes currently being plotted by our government and utility companies.


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