Radical Agenda S04E001 – Election Results

Opposing pieces at the New York Times predict the success or failure of a Trump re-election campaign in 2020. They were so much fun to read, that I thought I might write my own to start the show today.

November 4th 2020

In defiance of pollsters once again, Donald J. Trump has secured a second term as President of the United States, this time with the congruence of both the popular and electoral vote. Adding to the anxieties of Democrats, his party has also managed to secure a 60 vote majority in the Senate, and maintain control of the House of Representatives. Given the mysterious death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg last month, the stakes could not have been higher, and now it is all but certain that Elmer Woodard’s nomination to the high court will be confirmed.

Radical Agenda S04E001 - Election Results
Radical Agenda S04E001 – Election Results

The National Guard has been deployed on the streets of New York, California, Virginia, Oregon, and Illinois, while state and local police struggle to maintain order in other Democrat strongholds. Ever since the much hyped “Blue Wave” failed to materialize in 2018, civil unrest from Left wing groups has plagued Democrats who struggled to convince voters that they were a kinder, gentler alternative to the often crass billionaire.

Democratic nominee Elizabeth Warren, and running mate Eric Holder unsuccessfully tried to harness the mob and simultaneously distance themselves from it. While stopping short of endorsing the violence in public, Warren’s now infamous “language of the unheard” remarks, which were caught on hot mic at a campaign fundraiser, gave the Trump campaign enough of an edge to sway independents and what he has oft referred to as “sane Democrats” to his side.

The loose coalition of left wing extremists often lumped together as “antifa” enjoyed a brief moment of popular support after the events of August 2017. Seen then as righteously standing up to fabled enemies of the Nation, the public turned a blind eye to their violence and vandalism as a necessary response to hate and bigotry.¬†Public opinion shifted the next year as the so called “alt right” faded from the headlines, and the unapologetically violent movement turned their enmity toward prayer groups and government employees.

When a better organized and disciplined alt right emerged in 2019, the incredibly one sided beatings that followed were largely viewed by the electorate as “cleaning up the streets”. Once Google had categorized a plurality of the Republican Party as Nazis, the accusation seemed to have lost its stigma. National Socialism had gained on the Right, what Democratic Socialism had gained on the Left, as one notorious agitator put it “Keep on calling everybody a Nazi, and eventually, you’ll be right”.

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