Payment Processor Problems

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the ongoing saga of my banking struggle, the business model of the Radical Agenda is one which meets a great deal of resistance from credit card companies. We have recurring billing, we accept donations, and we accept cryptocurrency, which are all red flags with payment processors.┬áThe controversial content of this site presents its own problems.

I used to use PayPal and Stripe to process payments on this website. We’ve never had an issue with fraud or chargebacks. All of my customers and benefactors are happy with the products and services provided. Everything we do here is completely legal. Despite all of this, I was kicked off PayPal and Stripe last August after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

I managed to get a new payment processor this June while I was in Virginia. The business picked up immediately, but after receiving an unusually large contribution, extra scrutiny was paid to my account. A letter was sent to my New Hampshire address notifying me that I would be shut down in 30 days for unspecified reasons, but I was not here to receive that letter, and no electronic notice was given. So, on July 26th, my credit card processing was disabled, and finding a replacement is going to prove challenging.

Until that happens, the business features of this website will only be available to cryptocurrency users.

Premium members will get emails from the system when their subscriptions attempt to renew tonight. Those of you with access to cryptocurrency can log in and pay using it, or you can allow your subscriptions to expire. I will understand either way.

I am hard at work to rectify this problem, and find new revenue sources for this production. I will not be bribed, or coerced into changing course.

In the meantime, I renew my call for all of you to familiarize yourself with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, like Monero. We simply cannot rely on traditional financial tools in this political environment.

Those of you who already have cryptocurrency, I could certainly use some right about now.



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