Radical Agenda S04E003 – Recipe For Violence

By now you’ve likely heard that I spent the last year of my life hundreds of miles from home after being framed for crimes. I was threatened with 60 years in prison over pepper spray, and ultimately told that I could go home with my gun rights intact if I pleaded guilty to something I did not do. Rather than test the limits of corruption in Charlottesville, Virginia, I accepted the invitation.

What you have heard me talk much less about is that I was pepper sprayed myself, twice in two days. The first was during the heat of a larger altercation, but the second was a completely unprovoked, targeted attack in broad daylight.

This unprovoked and targeted attack was captured on video from two angles. The tattoos of my assailant were quite distinct. He was present in the Walmart parking lot the morning of August 11th when I was falsely accused of brandishing, and had indicated to me that evening before the brawl that he was one of the people who made the false report.

Radical Agenda S04E003 - Recipe For Violence
Radical Agenda S04E003 – Recipe For Violence

His name is Mike Longo Jr., a violent criminal associated with Philly Antifa. He also sprayed a reporter for InfoWars that same day.

I brought the video and identifying information to the FBI, but months went by with no action. So I brought it to the Charlottesville Police Department.

Yesterday I got a call back from them. Joe Platania, the Commonwealth’s Attorney for Charlottesville, reviewed the evidence I provided, and concluded he would only be willing to charge Mr. Longo with a misdemeanor for targeting me over my politics and attacking me with a weapon completely unprovoked. Moreover, I would have to come back to Charlottesville and see a magistrate to get the warrant issued, and I would have to do it before August 12th when the statute of limitations ran out. Oh, and by the way, they assured me they would not extradite my attacker even then.

This of course would cause me to go to jail, since the conditions of my plea agreement prohibit me from so much as passing through Virginia for five years unless I’ve been subpoenaed or otherwise compelled to be there.

To recap, I get framed for pepper spraying people I did not pepper spray. The prosecutor knowingly suborns their perjury, threatens me with 60 years in prison, and coerces me into a plea deal.¬†Some violent communist agitator from Philly targets me and sprays me completely unprovoked, on video, I track the guy down and do all the investigative work for them, and I’m the only one who will go to jail if I try to have him prosecuted.

If you think this is at all unique, you’re wrong. From coast to coast, for the last few years, violent Leftist mobs have attacked their political opponents with impunity. They openly brag about their premeditated violence, carry it out, and the people they attack go to prison for defending themselves. All this while government and media happily look the other way, or actively cheer the behavior on. We are cut off from social media and the financial system. They pass hundreds of thousands of dollars through scam charities and coordinate events online with foreign intelligence agencies.

Someone please call into the show today and tell me how this can end in any other way than massive amounts of violence. 740-I-AM-1488 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

I know there are law enforcement officials listening to this show. If you don’t want to call in, you have my cell phone number. Tell me how we stop this from turning into all out civil war.

I am all ears. I said the same thing in the infamous “Crying Nazi” video. What other options do we have? People are attacking us in the street, on video, in broad daylight, at permitted demonstrations. We report the crimes to law enforcement, and we go to jail.

I spent a lot of years thinking we should privatize all government services. I considered myself an anarchist, and cheered the downfall of the system. My perspective was altered one day when I was compelled to draw my pistol on some lowlives one night, and the cops pulled my ass out of the fire, likely seconds before I would have shot one of them.

In Virginia, I got a very grim preview of what that collapse would actually look like, and it did not at all resemble the Rothbardian Utopia imagined by the libertarians. It was an absolute hellscape of violence and deception.

As I sat in solitary confinement at the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail, I read Mein Kampf and thought to myself “This could have been written last week by an American”. Say what you will about the modern State and all of its flaws, , imagine whatever replacement for it you wish. Until that replacement comes, that institution has a purpose, and if it does not carry out that purpose responsibly, people die.

Thousands of men will listen to this recording. Many of them would follow me into war. I keep on trying to assure them I am not fit for such responsibility, but no other person steps forward to direct all of this energy, and I am becoming concerned about its containment. If men have no recourse to the law, they have no choice but to take it into their own hands. If I continue to tell these men to do nothing, while they are assaulted and imprisoned while their assailants flaunt their crimes, they will eventually conclude that I am a fraud, and I’ll have to hold them blameless.

I want help from my government to prevent a civil war. I think it’s a reasonable request. At every step of the way through this entire ordeal, I have cooperated with law enforcement, and spoken to the media, and collected evidence, and been honest. In return I have been repeatedly assaulted, wrongly imprisoned, frivolously sued, viciously slandered, and cut off from the financial system. A small army of combat ready White men has watched all of this and been compelled to question if this is the future they or their children can look forward to if drastic action is not taken.

Cooler heads will not prevail if this pattern continues, but I cannot honestly say I see any end to it on the horizon.

Still, to those men, I urge calm. We are woefully unprepared for the conflict with which we are faced, and we are confronted by a powerful adversary. We are disorganized, undisciplined, and underfunded. Our communications are insecure, and most of us couldn’t pick one another out of a lineup.

Without undue delay, I will set out to correct these problems, and I beg of the federal government to make the exercise unnecessary.

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 740-I-AM-1488 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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