Make Me Bulletproof

Here at the Radical Agenda, we realized a long time ago that we were working toward something far more important than money. So when advertisers, payment processors, and promotional platforms kicked us off for the content of our message, we always took it in stride and pushed forward. We did so confidently because, Nazi humor aside, we are foundationally believers in the market. We provide an excellent service, and quality products. We reach a large audience, and engage in very important advocacy. For these reasons, people are quite happy to pay us, and that is ultimately what decides the winners and losers.

Make Me Bulletproof
Make Me Bulletproof

That said, our enemies are decidedly against the free workings of the market. They have used the force of the State to cartelize the financial system and major communications mediums.

While we are quite happy to forgo the luxurious lifestyle to which our talents rightly entitle us, there are times when financial challenges threaten our ability to continue our very important work.

Right now, we are again without a payment processor. This renders us incapable of operating our primary funding source, the paywall functions of this website. This also dramatically diminishes our donations, and our product sales, such as tshirts, mousepads, books, and other quality products.

We still have cryptocurrency as an option which, in most months, permits us to barely scrape by. However, we cannot expand our reach or accomplish higher goals barely scraping by.

I have designs in mind for other businesses I plan to launch which will productively help meet these challenges we face, but of course, all startup businesses require funding and usually lose money in their early stages.

So as I have contemplated the best way to move forward, the first thing to come to my mind is the generosity of this audience, which has never failed me. While we have found it difficult to maintain access to a payment processor, and many of you have found to difficult to enter the cryptocurrency markets, the old fashioned check in the mail seems to be a viable option that all can manage without too much hassle.

There are thousands of capable men (and women) who listen to the Radical Agenda. I wonder how many of them might be willing to pledge $100/month so that I can continue our work regardless of other financial pressures. If a mere 20 people could meet this obligation, my living expenses and the infrastructure needs of the Radical Agenda would be met. If 50 people could so contribute, I could afford to travel and invest in growing our operations. If 100 people could help in this way, I could have two full time helpers.

With expenses met and some help with the operations, we could soon be running businesses which are branded completely separate from the Radical Agenda and immune from the censorship which we face. Those businesses could, in short order, employ our associates who lose their jobs when they get doxed.

In time, we’ll defeat this illegal discrimination which we face, and be able to launch the Radical Agendas Radio Network. A content network that offers producers the ability to get paid for their work.

Until then, your donations are vital to our survival.

I realize that most people would not want to have their names publicly associated with the work we do here, but if you are able to contribute $100/month or more and would like to be publicly recognized, or gain some other benefit from your contribution, please email me.

Checks payable to Christopher Cantwell can be mailed to

Christopher Cantwell
63 Emerald Street Unit 187
Keene, NH 03431

You can always contribute Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via the QR codes and public keys at


Christopher Cantwell comedian, writer, voice artist, and Patriot.

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