Illustrated Philosophy #121 – Transgenderism Is A Mental Disorder | Dr. Michelle Cretella & Blaire White

We all know that sex is biological, there are two genders, and transgenderism is a mental illness. Most people are just waiting for permission to admit this. Well, HERE IS YOUR PERMISSION! I’ve mashed together clips of a doctor and a trannie who aren’t afraid to talk about the dangers of playing God and denying reality — especially when it comes to promoting transgender kids. (Weird how the Jews who push this stuff never want to psychoanalyze gender-confused people, only white, hetero men who demonstrate “authoritarian personality”. But alas, that’s a topic for another time.)

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P.S. You may recognize Dr. Cretella’s monologue from S03E088 of the Radical Agenda. Thanks Chris for bringing this gem to my attention.

P.P.S. This will be my last actual illustration for about a month as I’m taking a brief pause. Don’t worry though, I’m not going anywhere.

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