Radical Agenda S04E004 – Info Whores

Last week a panel of Trump administration cabinet officials came before the press to tell us that Russia is continuing to meddle in our elections, and that the government was taking the “threat” very seriously, right around the same time the President was telling crowds at the top of his lungs that the Russia investigation was a “hoax”. John Bolton went on Fox News to clarify that there is no disconnect between the President and his cabinet, noting that the hoax is the allegation of collusion between the Trump campaign and Putin.

To reiterate what I’ve said a dozen times before – even if everything we’ve been told about this Russia story is true, the information we’ve gotten on the story so far suggests that Russia was doing more to gin up the Left than anything else. The supposed Russian accounts consistently linked to leftist news outlets like the New York Times, and Washington Post. They were constantly stoking racial tensions and Black Lives Matter in particular. Their most successful “event” was an anti-Trump demonstration, and were recently discovered organizing opposition to Unite the Right 2 in Washington DC. To the extent that this helped Donald Trump, it was only by showing America the true nature of the Left.

This is exactly what you would expect from a disinformation campaign aimed at weakening a country. Leftists want to weaken our military, open our borders, abolish gender, sterilize women, abort children, let black criminals run wild, and destroy our economy. The best thing a foreign adversary could do to harm us is amplify sick ideas like these.

Yet, all the social media response to this supposed threat has been to ban Right wing accounts. Twitter and Facebook have tanked their stock prices by purging and demoting highly engaged users owing only to the political content of their messaging. Each time they are caught, they simply say it was a harmless mistake and reinstate the accounts they got caught demoting, while leaving millions of other less notable political opponents silenced.

It would be foolish to assume that all of these accounts were Russian bots, since we know elected congressmen, Diamond and Silk, and Candace Owens are counted amongst those silenced by the platforms. But let’s act like leftists and ignore evidence. Let’s just say it is true. Facebook and Twitter have intentionally left almost all of these Leftist pages and accounts online, with the recent notable exception of 32 pages and profiles organizing the Unite the Right 2 opposition. By banning legitimate Right wingers, and leaving leftist portions of the influence campaigns online, Facebook and Twitter are assisting whichever (((foreign adversary))) happens to be pedaling this nonsense in our discourse.

They are also making an in kind contribution to the Democrat party by leaving their candidates and amplifiers online while banning their opponents, as is the subject of a recent FEC complaint.

But like most Leftists, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, and others, aren’t thinking that far ahead. They mean to influence the midterms and they know the slow movement of the Federal Government will not act before November to stop them. If they can help Democrats regain some measure of control over the Federal Government this year, they will have a layer of protection from the regulations that would surely otherwise be imminent prior to the 2020 Presidential election.

Radical Agenda S04E004 - Info Whores
Radical Agenda S04E004 – Info Whores

Today it was announced that Apple, Facebook, and Spotify all removed podcasts and pages operated by Alex Jones for unspecified “hate speech” violations. This comes as a mild shock to those of us hip to the race issue, since Jones seems to go to extraordinary lengths not to mention the Jewish problem, and is on record saying he doesn’t care if America is 80% brown so long as those brown people agree with his politics. Of course, the shock is only mild, since we’ve known all along that the Jews are perpetrating this “hate speech” nonsense specifically to guide political outcomes.

Right on cue, Media Matters doubled down claiming that Facebook has a “climate denial problem” and called for such hateful bigots as the Jewish Daily Signal to be removed over videos questioning “climate change” orthodoxy. It is considered “fake news” to question whether or not taxes will improve the weather, but hate speech to suggest there are only two genders.

Meanwhile Square, which is owned by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, processes credit card payments for ItsGoingDown.org, a clearinghouse for violent Antifa propaganda. IGD and other Antifa Twitter accounts openly promote insurrection and race war on all the major platforms without any hindrance whatsoever. The Berkeley Police have posted a series of mugshots of Jews and trannies arrested for weapons and violent crimes committed at a recent demonstration, yet all the Leftist media can talk about is how awful Patriot Prayer is.

So let’s say this plainly. There is and always has been a concerted foreign disinformation campaign in America. It takes place on your televisions, in your newspapers, and on social media. It has the full cooperation of the financial system, and elements of the State itself. But it is not Russian, and it is not to help the Right. It is Jewish communist subversion, like has been seen so many times throughout human history, only more sophisticated and high tech than ever. They have thrown caution to the wind and invested everything into destroying the Trump presidency at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars to themselves and their shareholders.

If they win, America is dead. If they lose, we must abandon any delusions about a market solution to this problem and demand the force of the State be brought down on them to end this subversion once and for all.

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