Radical Agenda S04E005 – People You Can’t Talk To

The Huffington Post is lauding the tactics of Charlottesville communist agitators, who refuse to talk to reporters that dare to interview the targets  of their violence and deception. As if the Jew media wasn’t already bending over backwards to pave over their crimes and make the most disgusting people in the country look like heroes, these Leftists further insist that the reporters not even ask questions of the people they openly brag about assaulting in the street.

This would be a complete loser of a tactic if the media weren’t a bunch of Jew owned communist lapdogs, eager to become propagandists for race war and insurrection. Sadly, they are exactly this, and so these violent criminals are still being hailed as peaceful activists, in search of a more harmonious world. They openly conspire to riot and assault, they bring weapons, use them, and lie in court, all with the full cooperation of a corrupt local government, and these filthy inhabitants of the fourth estate are all too happy to look the other way. The objects of their affection get to tell any lie they want, never to be refuted.

Radical Agenda S04E005 - People You Can't Talk To
Radical Agenda S04E005 – People You Can’t Talk To

“We’re not debating. We’re fighting against a genocidal agenda,” said one of the “Charlottesville Anti-Racist Media Liaisons” discussed in the article.

Of course, if the reporters endeavored to educate themselves on the subject, they would find the opposite to be true. The people who are out to do something wrong, are the people who show up in masks, refuse to submit their ideas to scrutiny, and openly brag about their criminal violence.

The Good Guys in this story support the President of the United States. We appreciate American history, and the role our ancestors played in creating it. We show our faces even if it costs us our jobs, reputations, and safety. We tell the truth, invite debate, and obey the law, so when reporters come looking for information, we’re generally happy to provide it to them. Even when we know the reporter is a lying Shabbos queer.

A surprising number of us used to be, or even still see ourselves as, libertarians. We held or hold the view that freedom is the most important political objective, and that violence for any other reason than defense is a moral outrage, most often carried out by the State itself. We are anti-war activists who love our country, and and would die to defend it, but prefer peace to conflict. We love women enough to notice that they were happier as mothers and wives, than as workers, politicians, and soldiers. We want our children to be as well protected as the President of the United States, and we think we owe it to them to raise them in stable families.

These are the values that our enemies call “White Supremacy”. I’ve never met anyone who called themselves a White Supremacist, but if that’s white supremacy, then sign me up. I used to think calling these things by such a wicked name was really stupid. Freedom of speech? Open dialogue? Respect for property, tradition, and family? This is White Supremacy?

Well, come to think about it, yeah. White people tend to value these things, while the Jews and their pets are always trying to insult and destroy them.

“Fascism uses the press to normalize itself and recruit followers and gain social power.” Mimi Arbeit told HuffPost.

Translation: “Fascism is normal, and if anyone finds out, we’re screwed”

You can see why they would rule out debate under those circumstances. They would obviously lose.

The Radical Agenda is a live, uncensored, open phones talk show. I do not have a call screener. I take calls from women, Jews, blacks, homosexuals and anybody else who can dial a phone and come up with something worth talking about. My ideas either stand up to scrutiny, or I change them. Long time listeners have seen it happen pretty dramatically.

No matter how many times I’ve been mistreated by the Press, I just keep on answering their questions. I even give follow ups to individual reporters who have proven themselves less than reputable.

When we write the history of these times, let us not get too wrapped up in glorifying our martial prowess. We have to make sure that future generations know how hard we tried to handle this peacefully. We tried to cooperate with the government, but the government cooperated with criminals. We tried to talk, but they refused, and you know what you call people you can’t talk to? Enemies. That was their choice, not ours.

They don’t like the “marketplace of ideas” concept anymore than they like any other marketplace where free competition makes certain that merit prevails. Their ideas are shit. Their people are shit. Thusly it is only through violence and deception that they stand a chance, and even then, only until we say “Enough!“.

Mimi is right. I use the media to normalize fascism. No matter what the media says about me, I use it to my advantage. I am here to tell as many people as I can get to listen, to call into this show and try to change my mind about anything. If your ideas are worth the air it costs to utter them, I will gladly give you more than the time of day. Though frankly, I am under the impression that I’ll be doing a lot more convincing than getting convinced, and it would seem our rivals tend to agree about that much.

When I recently had Vice News in the studio, I told Elle Reeve that the reason Jews have to smear and silence us in the media, is because our ideas are naturally popular. The truth tends to have that quality about it, in a free White society. Jews use their ethnic domination of the financial system to choke us off, because we would otherwise be successful. His colored hordes attack us in the street, because they know the masses would otherwise join us, were it only safe to do so.

These “choke points” as I’ve referred to them are our challenge. Temporarily, backburner big picture stuff. Don’t worry about the ethnostate for now. If we can be heard, if we can do business, if we can safely walk down the street, everything else will straighten itself out. These are achievable goals which we are already quite close to accomplishing.

So when you look at the full horrifying scope of the threats to our existence, don’t get blackpilled. You do not have to concern yourself with changing the opinions of shitlibs. You do not have to ethnically cleanse the continent. You don’t even have to win the next election, although that certainly helps. Instead, focus on how we can make ourselves heard, do business, and defend ourselves. Imagine how fast opinions will shift once the Radical Agenda is as easy to listen to as Democracy Now. Imagine how smooth our path to victory will be when getting doxed doesn’t matter. Imagine how insignificant Antifa violence would be, without the government protecting them.

We are almost there, and it’s because of the support people like you have given to people like me.

Hail Victory!

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