Vice News Followup Interview (Almost) Full Audio

My name is Christopher Cantwell, and I am the host of a live, uncensored, open phones talk radio show called the Radical Agenda. If you are here for the first time, please subscribe to my email list and consider becoming a listener of the show. Whatever you see me portrayed as in the media, is missing a great deal of context. We have thoughtful conversations, and are working towards truly worthwhile goals which have the potential to reduce the violence and conflict and suffering in our world.

Many of you may have heard about me for the first time from my starring role in the Vice News dramatization of last August’s Unite the Right Rally. Titled “Charlottesville: Race & Terror” that video was widely, if falsely, believed to be an accurate portrayal of events from that weekend.

I was very lucky to have had the foresight to record that entire interview myself. That was released asĀ Episode 342 of the Radical Agenda, and those with the intellectual curiosity to listen to it would have found a much more nuanced story than the one portrayed on the television. I was repeatedly asked if I wanted violence, or thought it would serve my purposes, and I repeatedly said no. However, Vice is a leftist outfit with an agenda, and selectively edited the video to make me look like a violent monster.

This would not have been such a big deal, since my business thrives on controversy. Sadly, I was framed for a crime that weekend, and the media hysteria surrounding that publicity caused the matter to get dragged out for a year until I was ultimately offered a plea agreement that was too good to refuse. I was threatened with 60 years in prison, before two of the three charges were dropped, reducing my exposure to 20. Then I was indicted on a second count of malicious release of tear gas, bringing my exposure back up to 40 years. I was ultimately told that I could plead guilty to two misdemeanor assaults and go home immediately, or spend the next month in jail awaiting trial for 40 years worth of felonies while the Commonwealth’s Attorney, Robert Tracci willingly, knowingly, and repeatedly suborned perjury.

Going home sounded like the better option, so I took the plea deal despite my innocence of the crimes alleged.

After I got home, Vice News asked me for a follow up interview. So I recently had them come visit me in the Radical Agenda studio. That interview is set to air tonight at 7:30pm Eastern on HBO, and I will be hitting publish on this blog post immediately after, so that those who are interested in hearing the unedited audio will have the option. The interview lasted over four hours, and Vice News is a <30 minute production, so a great deal of context will necessarily be lost even if Vice News wasn’t into selective editing for political motives.

Very little has been removed from the recording attached to his blog post. I had my pocket recorder running while the camera crew came early to catch me preparing for my show (S04E003), and some parts of that were not really worth listening to so I cut those parts out. After the show, we had a more formal interview, and I had forgotten to hit record during the first few minutes of the interview, so that part is missing. Less than a minute of the ensuing discussion was also removed for reasons I’d rather not elaborate on here, but I assure the listener that none of it subtracts from the substance of the interview.

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