Buying Bitcoin with CC from Smartphone with ABRA

This is a tutorial on how to buy bitcoin with your smartphone using your credit card to send bitcoins directly to a privately generated bitcoin address on Cantwell’s site.  That’s the best thing to do to protect your and his privacy.  It’s kind of long, in order to be complete.  I hope I’m not boring you, and I wish the kikes hadn’t done this to us!  It is done on my Android phone and has about 50 screenshots.  Sorry for the quality, I used my original Iphone to take pictures of the Android.

  1. You have to install Abra from Google Play store:

2. Enter abra into the text bar at the top and select “Abra: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple”:

Type in abra

3. Install Abra, the process looks like this:

4. Start up Abra:

5. Fill out the usual stuff:

6.  After you fill out your phone #, it sends you a verification code, type it in:

7. Create a PIN:

8. Next it’s going to tell you to write down a bunch of words, and ask you to type those same words in on later screens (that’s the password to your smartphone wallet – a bunch of words.  I redacted mine obviously):

9. Finally, the opening screen of Abra.  Click the little down arrow symbol I highlighted in green, showing the ways you can fund your Abra wallet.  We are interested in Visa/Mastercard, so select that.  If you want to do Bank ACH you can do that too, but let’s get Chris money fast:

10. It wants you to copy the bitcoin address into the clipboard, don’t worry about that, click on “Buy bitcoin through Simplex” and choose “CONTINUE” to open a local web browser on your smart phone.

11. Now we have to get a private bitcoin address from Cantwell’s site.  I recommend doing this step on your desktop.  Go to Cantwell’s Donate section, scroll down to #4a Bitcoin, click on “Get Address”, and then you’ll see an address that looks like gobbeldy-gook (I redacted the one it gave me):

12. Go back to your smartphone, put in how much you’re going to donate, and manually copy that bitcoin address from the previous step.  If you’re better at smartphones than me, just do that part on your smartphone, then you can copy and paste.
Now their fees are really outrageous if you only send $50 ($11.50).  I recommend sending at least $150 because the minimum fee is 8% or $11.50, whichever is greater.

13. Fill out the billing info:

14. Check the “I have read the Terms” box and press Continue:

15. Verify your email and phone number.  You might have to use your desktop or your smartphone for the verify email part depending on your setup.  The reason we have to go through this pain in the ass again is we’re actually dealing with 2 companies:


16. FINALLY, get out your credit card and fill that info out.  At the end, it’s up to you whether to save your credit card info with Simplex or not, so choose “NOT NOW” or “SAVE”:

17. Check your email for these emails from Simplex:  You can also close the Abra app on your smart phone at this point.

18. You’ve done it, but at this point you haven’t confirmed it.  Wait about an hour, and then open up, on your desktop or smartphone, whichever’s easier, and type in the address you got from step 11 in that text window in the upper right and hit ENTER:

Once it actually verifies on the bitcoin network, you will see the address you got in step 11 in the result.   Abra basically waits until a bunch of people have bought bitcoin before actually sending it out to save on transaction fees.

If you want to send money to him again, repeat the process, and generate a new address each time.  The thing we did different here is Abra gave you a wallet address to put the bitcoin on your smartphone, but that would have just created another step for us, so we ignored that address.  If you want to buy bitcoin for yourself I don’t recommend putting it on the smartphone, I recommend putting it on the desktop with the latest Electrum wallet, but that’s another tutorial.

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