Why Do Leftists Think Tom Woods is a Nazi?

On the off chance you have no idea who I am, my name is Christopher Cantwell and I am a rather notorious racist. Once upon a time I had made something of a name for myself in libertarian circles, as is the case for a lot of White nationalists, and this fact is often used to smear libertarians as racists.

Like most reasonable people, I used to think the Left’s eternal cries of racism were rather ridiculous. I still do in large part, but for very different reasons, and with far better understanding.

Long before I ever would have embraced the label of being a racist, and long before I ever said anything that I thought actually was racist, I was so frequently accused of being a racist anyway, that I eventually decided to educate myself on what the “real racists” were actually saying. This would never have otherwise occurred to me, because I thought racism was so discredited as to not warrant the expenditure of time and intellectual energy. “Hating a person for their skin color” however, seems as ridiculous to this admitted racist, as it did me back when I considered the accusation of racism to be an attack on my intelligence. This is not what the left is talking about when they accuse people of racism. This is a stupid meme which they use to win what passes for arguments, in their anti-intellectual circles.

Why Do Leftists Think Tom Woods is a Nazi?
Why Do Leftists Think Tom Woods is a Nazi?

Today Lew Rockwell sent out an email blast linking to a video by Tom Woods. In it, Tom outlines his libertarian credentials and appears puzzled as to why anybody would think he might be a racist. I discussed this on Episode 011 of Radical Agenda Stage Four, but the live nature of the production prevented me from giving the subject its due consideration, and so I write about it here today.

Indeed, anyone who is familiar with Tom’s work, and not familiar with what racists are actually saying, would find the accusation just as puzzling. Tom has an expansive body of excellent work, much of which I am personally very familiar with, and nowhere in any of it will you find advocacy of government policies which hinder equal application of our laws. Read all of his books, listen to all of his podcasts, watch all of his public speeches, (no, seriously, you should actually do this no matter what your politics) and you will find a remarkable absence of commentary surrounding the subject of race. The notable exception would of course be in places where Tom specifically condemns government policies which targeted people on the basis of their race.

Any reasonable person would have to conclude from this that Tom Woods is not a racist, as racism is commonly understood.

It would then seem to follow, that anyone who calls Tom Woods a racist is unreasonable, and undeserving of our attention.

Oh how I wish this was reflective of the world in which we actually live.

You might have noticed that a lot of people seem to be getting accused of racism these days. Not a day goes by without the President of the United States being called a racist on cable news. Perhaps you’re one of the millions of Americans who agree with this assessment, despite the fact that he is surrounded by Jews, several of whom happen to be his in laws. Nearly everyone in our society is terrified of being called a racist, but there are riots in our streets with ever increasing frequency, claiming that racism pervades throughout every crevice of our civilization.

To say that the merit of these accusations vary, would be charitable. At first glance, or even to someone who had followed Tom closely for years, it would seem as if those unhinged maniacs had again missed their mark.

For somebody who pays a lot of attention to what leftists are actually aiming at on the other hand, this makes a great deal more sense.

Tom is a highly educated and intelligent man. If racism, as we’ve been told by our television sets, is a backwards and ignorant belief in things which are obviously not true, how could it even be possible for Tom Woods, of all people, to be a racist?

Let us step for a moment into what you probably think is a fictional universe. Imagine a world where David Duke’s book My Awakening, was not a hate filled screed of ignorant rantings, but the thoughtful and eloquent story of man who dedicated his entire life, to educating himself on the most important subjects facing mankind. Imagine the bountiful critiques of Charles Murray’s The Bell Curve, amounted to little more than anti-intellectual horseshit, devoid of reason or evidence. Imagine Adolf Hitler was one of the greatest men who had ever lived, and you couldn’t call yourself an educated man if you hadn’t read Mein Kampf. Imagine someone other than the White race was responsible for the violence in Charlottesville last August. Imagine there were only two genders, and they actually served a purpose.

In that scary place, calling Tom Woods a Nazi makes perfect sense. Tom is intelligent, educated, and polite. He cares deeply about the problems facing mankind, and has sacrificed enormous opportunity in pursuit of truth and righteousness. He stays up to date on current events, and thinks about how we can try to make things better instead of worse. He has been an absolutely relentless advocate of liberty, merit, and peace. He believes in God, science, and reason. If Tom Woods is a Nazi, shouldn’t all of us strive to be exactly this?

In the view of the Left, this is the very definition of White Supremacy, and that’s one thing you won’t hear us Nazis argue with them about anymore.¬†We are quite happy to accept the compliment, and our movement would be helped enormously by counting Tom Woods amongst our ranks.

I sincerely hope that the Left taunts all the respected Right wing libertarians into saying “Yes I’m a racist, now make a god damn point already!”

The accusation of racism loses all of its power right then and there. I did this years ago. I host a live, uncensored, open phones radio show. I tell the world I am a racist and invite them to refute anything I say in front of an audience of thousands. If these people were actually interested in racial harmony, this would be a perfect venue for them to pursue it, but their silence is absolutely deafening. All they can do is defame, deplatform, and resort to violence, because it is the racists who are telling the truth.

Last year they came for me. Now they have come for Alex Jones. It seems like Tom Woods is next on their hit list, and you can bet Tucker Carlson won’t be far behind. Eventually, they’ll pin this label to so many respectable people, that racism will go mainstream. When White people stop apologizing for informing themselves about the subject of race, the Left will be relegated to a long and unfortunate chapter of our history, and I am on the edge of my seat waiting for that day to come.

Keep on calling everybody a Nazi, and eventually, you’ll be right!



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