Radical Agenda S04E018 – The Steady State

The New York Times published an anonymous opinion editorial on Wednesday, from someone claiming to be a “Senior Administration Official” who was part of the anti-Trump “resistance” subverting the President’s authority from within the government. The writer claims that “many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations” in order to “to preserve our democratic institutions” because they “believe our first duty is to this country”.

Interesting theory.

As many others have already pointed out, “our democratic institutions” are what we used to elect the President. We did so despite the fact that so many of us had long ago given up all hope for that rotten, failed, lowest common denominator system. I am far from alone in having become convinced by a lifetime of experience, that voting was incapable of bringing about positive change. I was likewise in good company in my conclusion that this would result in bloodshed.

That changed with the campaign and subsequent election of President Donald J. Trump. The way Trump reignited in me and so many others, a sense of patriotism which had been abused to death by prior administrations, was shocking. I went from flag burning anarchist to fanatical partisan in what seemed like the blink of an eye. I was suddenly prepared to do anything to preserve the institutions I once sought to topple. Positive change, it seemed, was possible through lawful means.

Radical Agenda S04E018 - The Steady State
Radical Agenda S04E018 – The Steady State

The mystery subversive goes on to assure us that this “isn’t the work of the so-called deep state. It’s the work of the steady state.”

The anonymous author of the seditious release was far from alone. The Washington Post then published a piece claiming “The sleeper cells have awoken” which was itself replete with anonymous sources. “We see ourselves as rebels” still more anonymous sources told the Daily Beast.

Democrats have talked a great deal about how Trump (and everything else they find politically inconvenient) is a threat to our democracy. The same people who want let human and material resources flow unchecked across soon to be abolished borders, suddenly insist that Silicon Valley must stop Russia from shitposting on Facebook for fear it might corrupt the minds of our electorate. Whether through impeachment, the 25th amendment, or any other method they think they can get away with, they want this president removed from office without regard for the outcome of the election.

If you want to talk about threats to democracy, the steady State, be it deep or shallow, with all of its anonymous “rebels” and “sleeper cells” fits the description. If the men who listen to the sound of my voice become convinced that voting cannot change government policy, then God have mercy on the souls of the men who think government policy will remain unaltered for long.

No such mercy will be forthcoming from us, because we have witnessed the handywork of this “steady State” our entire lives. That anything which curses a society with boom bust economic cycles and perpetual global warfare could call itself “steady”, defies reason as surely as it defies reason to subvert a duly elected president in the name of democracy. We made a rather decisive choice to change course, and if we cannot do so by voting, we will do so by other means.

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