Radical Agenda S04E019 – 9/10 Mindset

Seventeen years ago I didn’t think much about what the government did. I was fairly confident that whatever problems I had in my life, they were my own fault, and I was reasonably certain that more capable men than I were managing our government responsibly. I caught the local and regional news from time to time, but I could not have told you the difference between a Republican and a Democrat. I had friends and girlfriends from all races and walks of life. I had never voted. I figured it did not make much sense for me to do so, given that I had no idea what was going on.

I figure I was pretty typical for a 20 year old guy at the time. Perhaps typical of most Americans, even the ones who voted.

Radical Agenda S04E019 - 9/10 Mindset
Radical Agenda S04E019 – 9/10 Mindset

Foreign policy ghouls and surveillance State advocates have referred to this blissful state of ignorance as the “9/10 Mindset” or something to that effect. “Oh you don’t want to get into a war with another middle east shithole you can’t find on a map? You don’t want the government monitoring all your phones calls and emails? That kind of September 10th thinking is what got us here!”

Oh to have access to a nuclear DeLorean, that I could go back and have a chat with my young self as easily as hitting 88 miles per hour.

September 11th completely changed everything for me, as I imagine it did for many Americans. I was working on a landscaping truck at the time and listening to Howard Stern in between jobs. We had just finished up one yard, and I started up the truck while my helper used the leaf blower to clear the walkways. The news had already broken that a plane had hit the first tower, but everybody thought it was just a terrible accident, and they got back to talking about more important things, like sex.

Then the news broke that a second plane had hit the second tower, and the news stations began saying that America was under attack.

We quit early for the day and went back to my parents’ house, where Fox News was already on the TV. I haven’t stopped watching since.

It was one of those events where you have one life one day, and a completely different life going forward.

I’ve had more days like that since then than in all the days prior.

As I was thinking about that this morning, it occurred to me that August 12th of last year was certainly one of them. There was an “August 11th Mindset” and a “Post Charlottesville Mindset”. The frightening part is, unlike 9/11, most of the country is still in the August 11th mindset. It is almost like the media and government decided to tell you that the collapse of the twin towers was some kind of freak accident, which you should ignore and move on from.

I was a 9/11 truther for a bunch of years. I had bought into the story hook, line, and sinker, but some life events and an intense dislike of the Obama administration caused me to reevaluate my trust in the government. I was suddenly all too willing to believe the worst about the government, even that it would murder thousands of its own citizens just for the sake of a power grab. I’m still uncertain if that is or is not the case, actually.

I became convinced for several years that most of these news stories about terrorism were little more than war propaganda and false flags. Interestingly, it was race realism that snapped me out of this. “Holy shit, Muslims really do blow things up! That’s why we can’t let them into the country!”

Today, I know with absolute certainty that all these eternal and ever expanding cries of “racism” are communist subversion. Trying to tell people what actually happened in Charlottesville is even harder than telling people that 9/11 was an inside job, and this is something I was an actual eyewitness to, and have countless hours of video from. I can prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the events of that weekend were a planned attack by violent communist agitators, and that obvious truth, with all of its abundance of evidence, is more taboo than any “conspiracy theory” Alex Jones ever peddled.

9/11 Truthers do not get banned from Facebook. They do not get kicked off PayPal. Suggesting that the United States Government murdered thousands of its own citizens as a pretext for a global war of aggression, is less controversial in the current year than asking people to believe what is plain to see from an abundance of video evidence.

So long as that remains the case, we can expect to see a lot more August 12th’s in our future. How many more cities will have their names become synonymous with “white supremacist terrorism” thanks to Jewish communists and their mongrel hordes? How many more worthless pigs will become martyrs for diversity just because their poor lifestyle choices took their toll? How many more good men will go to prison while their assailants roam free?

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