Illustrated Philosophy #122 – Right-Wing Environmentalism | Richard Houck

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95% of trash in the oceans comes from just 10 rivers, all of which are located in Africa and Asia.

On to the topic at hand: Environmentalism. Wait, isn’t that a movement for money-grabbing communist ideologues like Al Gore to peddle global warming pseudo-science garbage? Well, yes; but don’t be so quick to judge. It turns out a lot of the early founders of the environmental movement were right-wing, racial nationalists. These folks knew instinctively that if you truly care about the environment, the last thing you’d want to do is replace Europeans in the West with hordes of black, yellow and brown people. Of course you will never hear from the biased Zio-media what Richard Houck has written about in his book ‘Liberalism Unmasked’–that so-called ‘People of Color’ are actually the biggest polluters on the planet by far.


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