Radical Agenda S04E023 – Scam

The closer we get to the midterm elections, the more you can see why Democrats hate White men so much, and seek to replace them with less intelligent animals. Anyone with a three digit IQ and access to Fox News has to realize that the Democrats are basing their ambitions entirely upon the stupidity of their constituents. The recent sexual assault accusation against Brett Kavanaugh is only the most recent in a long string of obvious and increasingly repetitive lies.

We are told that a Palo Alto University psychology professor named Christine Blasey Ford, accuses the soon to be confirmed Supreme Court Justice of an attempted rape, more than three decades ago. She is not quite sure when it happened, or where.  The only other witness she could name besides the accused, is a man who denies her account of the event. Ford is a raving leftist who wore a pink vagina hat to an anti-Trump march. She claims to have wanted to remain anonymous, which is a curious motivation for speaking with the Washington Post about one’s central involvement in the most controversial and politically charged story imaginable. As proof of her claim’s merit, she offers a polygraph test she commissioned herself in advance of the story breaking. All of this of course happens to come to light at the end of Kavanaugh’s committee hearings, after dozens of leftists and hired bums disrupted the proceedings with outbursts and subsequent arrests.

Radical Agenda S04E023 - Scam
Radical Agenda S04E023 – Scam

On its face this should all be so ridiculous as to not warrant a response, but it got one anyway. Kavanaugh vehemently denied the allegation, and said he looked forward to doing so under oath. The Senate Judiciary Committee scheduled a hearing for this coming Monday, in which the accuser was invited to testify under oath. To avoid the appearance of a bunch of white men berating a rape victim, Republicans event contemplated a plan to hire a woman to question her on their behalf. Yet, though Ford’s Jewess attorney Debra Katz told multiple news outlets that her client looked forward to testifying under oath, this invitation was declined. Instead, Ms. Ford now repeats the calls of the Democrat Party, to delay the confirmation until after the midterm elections.

If you wanted a population that could be fooled by such obvious nonsense, you would hate White people too. Diversity truly is a strength, for unrepentant liars who prey upon the gullible.

Maxine Waters keeps talking about impeaching Trump. When asked about the Pence presidency that would ensue, she admits that she already intends to impeach 46, before he even begins to govern. Antifa tells the world that cops are just like us Nazis, as they fight them in the street on camera. Then they try and tell those same people that we’re the bad guys. Leftists insist that people can change their sex at will, and despite ample evidence to the contrary, that anyone who questions this article of faith is an enemy of the human race. They deny the President of the United States any credit for the economy, but blame him for hurricanes. They tell you that White men unjustly control everything in the world, and thus must be dispossessed of their lands and titles. Then they call you a racist if you point to the Jews.

None of this even borders on credible, but with a cooperative media apparatus as willing accomplice, they pump a never ending barrage of this propaganda into the electorate. “Agree with our lie, or you are a sinner,” they shout nervously from their perches.

That is not going to work very well for very long. Even if they manage to convince a majority of uninformed people to vote for them, they are radicalizing the Right more than I could have ever hoped to. A Republican who thinks he can negotiate with the Left is a cuckservative. A Republican who treats them as the deceptive and violent foe that they are, is a fascist.

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