Radical Agenda S04E024 – Sheriff

Here at the Radical Agenda, we spend a great deal of time talking about things which are relevant nationally and internationally. That of course is because there never exists any shortage of things to talk about in those categories, and because it appeals to the broadest possible audience.

Sadly, this causes us to miss a lot of great local stories, but this one was too good for me to let slip.

You might have heard me mention a time or two that I live in a very special place called Keene, New Hampshire. New Hampshire is home to a libertarian political migration effort called the Free State Project. The goal of the FSP was essentially a plot for participants to migrate to this state, take over its government, and dismantle it. Keene is home to Free Talk Live, an open phones libertarian talk radio show, nationally syndicated on over 160 broadcast stations across the United States. From this, Keene became home to one of the more radical and prolific activist groups in New Hampshire, which I enthusiastically joined back in 2012.

Long time listeners will recall some significant conflicts with my fellow activists, and my departure from Free Talk Live over insensitive racial commentary on social media.

Radical Agenda S04E024 - Sheriff
Radical Agenda S04E024 – Sheriff

Keene did not stop being an interesting place when I got trapped down in the PDRV. Will Coley aka “the Redneck Muslim” of Muslims for Liberty, moved here and turned a rental house into a Mosque. Aria DiMezzo, aka “the Anarchist Shemale” moved here too. Together, they host a show called “The Call To Freedom Live” weekdays from 4-7 P.M. Eastern on LRN.fm. I’m sure the banter between a Muslim libertarian and a transgender libertarian is really entertaining for Jews and other diversity buffs, but I must confess, I have not listened to much of the show myself.

Aria came across my radar earlier this year when I was commenting on the decline of the annual Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, New Hampshire. When I first went years ago, there were a lot of Ron Paul types there, and even the anarchists were mostly in the Murray Rothbard lane. This changed exponentially year over year. First the anarchists took a hard line with the minarchists, then the Left drew hard line after hard line demanding ever more ridiculous things be categorized as microaggressions if not full fledged acts of violence. They went from having speakers like Stefan Molyneux, and Tom Woods, to hosting a “Big Gay Dance Party” and panels on polyamory.

Aria’s “Anarchist Shemale” persona fit right in with this crowd, and the daily airing of the Call To Freedom show was prominently featured in the 2018 PorcFest schedule.

Aria was born male, but today identifies as female. Since Aria has been courageous enough to join me in the studio today, I’m going to break from Radical Agenda tradition and refer to her with female pronouns, though regular listeners know I often insist on using language more reflective of biological reality. Though we have healthy skepticism of diversity here at the Radical Agenda, we do have a sincere appreciation for those who are willing to have difficult discussions, and Aria fits that bill, so I will extend such reasonable courtesies as might promote a good faith conversation.

Aria wants to be the Sheriff of Cheshire County, which the city of Keene is part of. Since the Libertarian Party obtained “major party” ballot access in the prior election, their committees were able to fill slates of candidates without the need to petition or participate in a primary. Making history, the Libertarian Party nominated Aria as their candidate for Cheshire County Sheriff, the first openly transgender candidate for Sheriff in the United States.

Cheshire County was already declared a “sanctuary county” by incumbent Democrat Sheriff Eli Rivera. New Hampshire has been lucky to not have been hit too hard by the immigration crisis yet, so this move was little more than senseless virtue signaling. Aria says this sanctuary policy does not go far enough though. Not only should illegal immigrants be able to evade federal law in Cheshire County, but also “any and all individuals accused of victimless crimes by the state”. In other words, drug fugitives, sex offenders lacking a complainant, tax cheats, and people who habitually drive without a license, would find Cheshire County a welcome home under the steady guidance of Sheriff DiMezzo.

In fact, if she becomes Sheriff, Aria pledges to immediately release “all prisoners who have been kidnapped and held against their will for making harmless choices” from the county jail.

To say the least of it, I think Aria and I disagree on a few things. So I think we are in for some really good radio today, as she joins me live in studio for the duration of the pogrom.

We will only be taking calls on the regular phone lines today, no Skype. 740-I-Am-1488

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