Radical Agenda S04E028 – Missing The Point

The Trump administration today announced a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada, decrying its NAFTA predecessor as the worst trade deal in history. NAFTA is largely blamed for destroying American manufacturing, driving up trade deficits, and irreparably damaging the US economy for years. While all of that was going on, an endless supply of cheap labor flooded into the country, both legally and illegally, further depressing wages and increasing the burdens on our safety nets. Trump’s efforts to repair both the trade and immigration issues have, as you’re surely aware, been met with hysterical opposition from the Left, because suddenly they purport to be very concerned with free markets and individual liberty.

Radical Agenda S04E028 - Missing The Point
Radical Agenda S04E028 – Missing The Point

Meanwhile, on Twitter, where voices as milquetoast as Alex Jones and Gavin McInnes have been banned, Leftists have called for a “violent general strike” if Kavanaugh is confirmed, without repercussion. #KillKavanaugh topped Twitter’s search result autocomplete feature for anyone who typed so much as “K” into the Twitter search bar. A militant group designated by the US State Department as a foreign terrorist organization, was temporarily suspended, only to have its account re-enabled shortly after to continue recruiting. Too many Antifa accounts to list, continue promoting murder and other violence on the platform, also without repercussion. As the already lopsided enforcement of “hate speech” and “harassment” policies continues the obvious effort illegally interfere in elections, and promote Left wing terrorism, a new policy on “dehumanization” is being contemplated, to even further cleanse the platform of opposition to the Democrat Party.

And of course, whenever a Right winger with a voice gets caught up in the censorship campaign, all the social media platforms tell us “Whoops, that was just a mistake”.

One of the very legitimate points made by people on the Right over the Kavanaugh smear campaign, is that good people will not want to serve in government if this is what they have to look forward to when they step up. Why would any decent person want to be dragged through the mud, accused of rape, and have their high school year book scoured for embarrassing comments about flatulence, when a comfy career in the private sector awaits them as the alternative?

They wouldn’t, and that’s the point. The Left does not want decent people in government, anymore than they want honest people being heard from on social media. They don’t want immigration or trade policies that lead to prosperity for the United States. They want the people in power to be as corrupt as they are, and for decent people to spend their lives cowering from the violence and smear campaigns the Left is orchestrating in plain sight.

The fact that this is missing from 100% of the supposedly Right wing media is staggering. Fox News commentators Chris Wallace and Andrew Napolitano both said Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony was “credible” despite her being repeatedly caught in lies during questioning, a sentiment later echoed by Donald Trump. Commentators who can see the problems with our trade and immigration policies, disregard their implementation as stupid or misguided, when it is obvious they are intentional and doing exactly what they are designed to do. People complain about anti-conservative bias on social media, while barely noting the explicitly violent propaganda being promoted by the Left.

On more days than not, I stand in absolute awe of how screwed up things have gotten. The Left continues to openly lie about pretty much everything of consequence, and the supposed Right continues to act like these are good faith disagreements. Anybody who calls this out for the crisis it is gets unpersoned and memory holed, while the clock ticks away and our ability to do anything about it dwindles into negative territory.

One hopes voters are catching onto this disaster despite the media blackout, because if Democrats gain majorities in the House, Senate, or both, we can be certain the Federal Government will be of no help in resolving the crisis.

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