Radical Agenda S04E029 – Cooler Heads

Yesterday, federal prosecutors announced charges against four people in connection to last year’s Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Before the press conference, I was contacted by the Huffington Post seeking comment. I told them this was news to me, and that it surely had to be Leftists in custody, since I had not heard about any of our guys being arrested, and local authorities already brought charges for every crime real and imagined that weekend against our guys. Surely if the feds were getting involved, I figured, they had to be finally getting around to prosecuting some of the many well documented crimes committed by Leftists.

Radical Agenda S04E029 - Cooler Heads
Radical Agenda S04E029 – Cooler Heads

It turns out, sadly, that I’ve been made a fool of for thinking that some semblance of justice might someday become a priority for the Justice Department.

Instead, charges were announced against four men who are allegedly connected to the Rise Above Movement (RAM). Cole Evan White, Benjamin Drake Daley, Michael Paul Miselis and Thomas Walter Gillen have all been charged with use of a facility of interstate commerce to participate in a riot.

I won’t spend a great deal of time trying to defend these guys right now. Maybe they’re owed it, maybe they’re not. I don’t know them enough to say. In fact, I don’t know them at all. That isn’t the point that I am trying to get at right now.

What I do know is that Dino Capuzzo, the agent in the affidavit in support of the criminal complaint, is the same agent that I sat down with when I met with the FBI earlier this year. Mr. Capuzzo knows all too well, that Tom Keenan, Tom Massey, Mike Longo Jr. and Lindsay Elizabeth Moers, all of Philly Antifa, conspired with locals to instigate and perpetrate violence on August 11th and 12th, and that they necessarily used facilities of interstate commerce to do so.  I provided them with their identities, videos of their crimes, and the necessary background information to make the connection to the aforementioned locals.

None of them have been charged.

Let’s just say for the sake of argument that everything alleged against RAM is true. Let’s ignore the long track record of violence and deception that has plagued all the prosecutions to date.

Fine. Prosecute them. Let’s prosecute everybody who engaged in acts of violence in Charlottesville last year, regardless of the reasoning for the violence. Let’s completely ignore all claims of self defense and send a message that political violence simply will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If some good people go to jail, we’ll conclude that this is a small price to pay for order to be restored.

That is not what happened either. One side has instead been given license to attack people in the street, point guns at innocent people, set fire to cars and buildings, attack cops and reporters, threaten the President of the United States, lie in court, launder money, and commit all manner of other crimes, in their efforts to topple the government of the United States. They have done all of this with the assistance of that same government, and the propagandists of the media.

And of course, as we’ve discussed on here at length prior, the major social media platforms and payment systems have made the same decision. They work diligently to silence people as harmless as Alex Jones and Gavin McInnes, while financing and promoting Left wing terrorist groups. They weigh their “algorithms” to demote Republicans and promote Democrats, in violation of campaign finance regulations, even as Democrats promote political violence, lie to the public, and plot the destruction of the country.

I’m going to be honest with you here, I’m at the end of my rope. I considered the loss of a year of my life, media smears, tens of thousands of dollars in legal expenses, and a relentless censorship campaign against me, to be a small price to pay for our worthwhile cause. I don’t really mind the threats and harassment anymore. I can cope with some financial stress. I don’t think much about the infighting in the movement. If some of our guys get hurt, fired, jailed, or even killed, I can sum this up to the costs of the conflict. Hell, if I have to be completely destroyed, for my Nation to be redeemed, so be it. Tell me the price of victory and I will pay it.

But when we pay these prices, and things get worse by the day with no signs of stopping, my mind goes to darker places. We now have roughly half the country endorsing obvious lies because they are so enamored with infanticide, that they would rather smear a good man and destroy our legal system, than raise children. Communist riots are now a regular feature of American political life, and the only crimes our government can seemingly identify in these violent uprisings, are those of the people who stand up to Leftist terrorism.

Cooler heads cannot prevail in this environment. We now have the government of the United States fueling the arguments of accelerationists. In the process, they have discredited those of us who have tried diligently, and at great personal risk, to find lawful solutions to our political problems. If we run out of lawful remedies, I fear to even consider the alternatives, because we are not ready for this thing to go post politics.

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