PodZeen 36 – HiLlary RodHam ClinTon

Howdy huwite people! Some of you might know us already, but for those of you new to Obzeen PodZeen, we bring you music and entertainment news and reviews, but without all the (((AIDS))). Many thanks to Chris for syndicating us!

This is our most disturbing PodZeen yet – all about our favorite “woman”.

Watch the video on BitChute if you’re into (((that kind of thing)))

  • The being formally known as Kanye West
  • Ye ye ye ye ye ye
  • Those Hollywood types with the noses
  • Scotty Jamjam’s unironic Lil Pump love
  • I Love It – Kanye West with Lil Pump
  • Matriarchy in video form
  • Stranglehold – Ted Nugent
  • Henry Rollins and his black wiener obsession
  • The music of the Patriarchy
  • Fetuses for $$$ – Senator Steve
  • The Grateful Dead vs Kavanaugh
  • The White Man must DIE
  • Lady Sniff – Butthole Surfers
  • Hello I’m Phil Lesh I like to touch my butthole and think about Hillary Clinton
  • Just say NO to ska
  • Dickey Betts breaks his brainium
  • Dickey Betts – Dean Ween Group
  • Lil Xan and the flaming hot Cheetos
  • Michael Moore poops out Fahrenheit 11/9 and it bombs like the obese failure that is his life
  • The Whitest Kids U Know do Michael Moore
  • RIP Burt Reynolds
  • Tenacious D goes gay
  • All Jews know Polish
  • Kielbasa – Tenacious D
  • Obzeen vs Space Age Live Stream Technology
  • Farts
  • Kavanaugh and National Socialism
  • Kevin Smith makes money off the blood of the goyim
  • Catholic Girls – Frank Zappa
  • Didn’t the Spanish Inquisition teach you ANYTHING?
  • The Orthodox Church vs Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • RodHam – Orifice A

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