PodZeen 37 – Chad Kavanaugh Beach Party

On this episode of Obzeen PodZeen, it’s a party for #SerialRapistKavanaugh on a beautiful Tel Aviv beach… and then come the technical difficulties – but don’t worry, the song at the end makes it all ok.

Watch on BitChute if you like those (((moving pictures)))

  • Nobody tell Chris Cantwell
  • (((Shmuli Jamjamowitz)))
  • Rapey Mike Thernovitch
  • Leave us a voicemail! (737) 471-ZEEN
  • An ocean across the USA
  • Surfin’ USA – Beach Boys
  • Chuck Berry ripped off Bach
  • Somalian School of Engineering
  • Robert Redford Retard
  • Jeremiah Johnson – Crow Killer
  • Kanye West brings back slavery
  • Excessive use of the new drops
  • Sabotaged by (((Harvey Levine)))
  • James Bond will always be a man
  • No mention of dickgirls
  • Africans in Asgard
  • Rogers and (((Hammerstein)))
  • So Long, Farewell – The Sound of Music
  • Do not let your daughters become vain
  • (((Wholesome entertainment)))
  • Fire – Sister Irene O’Connor
  • One more dead hippie
  • Somebody to Love – Jefferson Airplane
  • PodZeen denies the Armenian genocide
  • GlueSniffer
  • Sugar – System of a Down
  • Gramma Kardashian
  • Rancid Game of Thrones thot slays six gorrillion
  • Raffi fights fascists
  • Baby Beluga – Raffi
  • Chad Kavanaugh Beach PartyObzeen


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