Radical Agenda S04E032 – Catching Up

It never fails that when I have to take some time off from the show, the most interesting things happen. Last week, you may recall, I had a personal matter to deal with which prevented me from doing shows on Wednesday and Friday.

Radical Agenda S04E032 - Catching Up
Radical Agenda S04E032 – Catching Up

In that time, rapper Kanye West visited the White House and damn near cured my racism. Hillary Clinton said “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about” which convinced me that she too, listens to the Radical Agenda. Eric Holder said “When they go low, we kick them” which, given the recent treatment of Brett Kavanaugh, seemed like a call to join the Rise Above Movement.

In Portland, Oregon, Antifa communists decided to take on the role of traffic cops. However, lacking authority to issue citations, enforced their will with batons and fists. Since the actual police of Portland seem to have abdicated their responsibilities, the Proud Boys came to restore Law & Order.

Republican Party offices in New York City, Arizona, and Texas, were vandalized by Antifa communists as well, and with just three weeks to go before the midterm elections, the Republican Party is wisely seizing on the “unhinged mob” narrative in a new campaign advertisement.

Things are getting worse out there folks, but one may hold out hope that it is just bad enough to make people see the dangers of Democrat rule. FiveThirtyEight predicts Democrats take the house with 5 to 1 odds, but then again, the same outfit gave Hillary Clinton a 71.4% chance of taking the White House in 2016, so it really is anybody’s game. In any case, Republicans are still favored to keep the Senate and perhaps even pick up a couple of seats there, which will permit the Republicans to continue appointing judges, which is more important than legislative positions anyway. But with Kanye warming blacks up to Trump, “lackluster latino support” for Dems, and Hillary Clinton now seen as the “kiss of death” by her own party, one wonders if screaming racist louder and more frequently was actually a winning strategy for the party of Robert Byrd.

What we are witnessing is a dramatic shift of the Overton Window. Leftists found themselves outside of it thanks to Trump and the Alt Right, and when they did they began throwing rocks at it, which did not endear them to the people still inside the house. The communists who vandalized the Austin GOP offices said “Boycott the Bourgeois Elections! Elections, no! Revolution, yes!” and one may hope many Leftists take their advice.

Meanwhile, on the Right, the wisdom of partisan Republicanism has even found support from James Mason, the author of Siege! Invoking the story of Hitler walking into the tiny German Workers’ Party in 1919, Mason instructs his readers to “JOIN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY” in all caps. He explains his thinking as follows;

You will sacrifice nothing. Join locally and quietly. Keep your more fanatical tendencies quiet for the moment. Become actively involved. Become a leader. Eventually run for office. Don’t do any of this if there is anything in your background that the enemy can use later to destroy you should you begin to achieve success. On the other hand, never back-peddle the way some movement luminaries have done in the past when their backgrounds were blown up in the enemy press. Doesn’t look good and won’t help. There IS a party there, waiting for us and it is up to us to go and assume control of it. Who gives a damn what it may be called or what the condition of it may be at present?

It’s easy to get blackpilled about the current state of affairs, my friends. I certainly have. I spent 107 days in jail, with our friends who are still in there and will be for years. Even after it became obvious the case was a sham, the corrupt Albemarle authorities dragged my case out for 11 months and coerced me into pleading guilty to a crime I did not commit. The RAM arrests further damaged morale, as the FBI has clearly opted to side with the communists who bring mayhem to our streets on a weekly basis. We face a powerful enemy who has wrought havoc on this earth since what may as well be the dawn of time. He controls the media and the financial system and by extension much of our government. We suffer physically, socially, and financially as we fight this righteous battle for the salvation of our people.

But ask yourself this. If we were winning, would it really look any different than it does right now? Would not we suffer casualties in such a battle? Would not good men go to prison? Would not the media be in hysterics? Would not the State itself be torn between warring factions?

Our enemies are resorting to violence in the streets and calling for election boycotts, while the most notorious accelerationists amongst us are now calling for you to become the State.

Do not get complacent. Do not celebrate too soon. Do not skip the gym, sell your guns, or forget that your enemies are ruthless, violent, and deceptive villains.

But take a moment to smile, and contemplate the possibility that we might yet have the chance of a lawful and orderly solution to our worst and most immediate problems. The ethnostate will not come in 2018, but we may yet have the backing of our government to quell the Leftist rebellion. If all that buys is is a couple of years time, then I’ll call that a bargain.

But what if it could buy us more?

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