Radical Agenda S04E037 – Art Jones

Art Jones is the Republican nominee for the third congressional district of Illinois. Were he to win his election, he would take incumbent Democrat Dan Lipinski’s seat in the US House, which he has held since 2005.

Production Note: When Art got to talking during the show today, I found his story to be so fascinating that I just could not bare to interrupt him. Most of this episode thusly ended up dedicated to listening to Mr. Jones tell the story of his history in the movement. I spoke to Art after the show, and he agreed to come back on the show for a second appearance this coming Monday. During that episode, we’ll be sure to talk more about his campaign for the US House and take your calls. 

Art has his work cut out for him. The third congressional district is so solidly blue, that the GOP wasn’t even going to run a candidate. But Art isn’t your typical Republican, a fact which you might have figured out from him being a guest on the Radical Agenda.

I met him in Pikeville, Kentucky for a pro-White rally that included speakers such as Matt Heimbach, and Mike Enoch. Paul Nehlen gave me Art’s phone number, and made the suggestion that I get him on the show. But my comparatively young and limited memory does Art Jones no justice. He has been running for office since before I was born. He was a member of the National Socialist White Peoples Party for eight years, and has described himself as a former leader of the American Nazi Party, the NSWPP’s former name.

Radical Agenda S04E037 - Art Jones
Radical Agenda S04E037 – Art Jones

Previous attempts to run in the district were sabotaged by his own party, preventing him from getting on the ballot. This time, Art got his ballot access petitions in just before the deadline, and easily won his primary, in part because he lacked an opponent.

Predictably, the cowards in his own party were more worried about being called racists than they were about maintaining their majority in the United States House of Representatives. A majority, I might add, which is necessary to prevent Nancy Pelosi from becoming Speaker of the House, and third in line to the Presidency, at a time in our history where communists run riot in our streets on a weekly basis with no fear of prosecution.

GOP leadership has disavowed Mr. Jones, despite his honorable service to his country in the Vietnam war, and his having won the primary fair and square. Rather than honor the partisan process, they have supported Justin Hanson, a 35 year old attorney who is running a write in campaign for no other purpose than to counter the efforts of Mr. Jones.

In addition to his decades of activism, and the wisdom which has guided him to fight so hard for our Race & Nation, I am excited to have Art Jones on the pogrom today so we can talk about that travesty. Radical Agenda listeners have had some mixed opinions on my strategic position, that we must be Republican partisans if we are to have any hope of obtaining political power peacefully, and that peaceful acquisition of political power is our best, if not only, hope for the salvation of our people.

Clearly, if the Republican establishment would rather sabotage their own candidates and give political power to Democrats, than to have decent and honest people climb the ladder, we have some significant obstacles in front of us on that path. I think we are all going to learn a few things today, on this must listen episode of the Radical Agenda.

Art will be taking your calls at 740-I-AM-1488

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