Azzmador On The Run?

Hunter Wallace at reports (not directly linking for legal reasons) that Azzmador, a Daily Stormer feature writer, and host of the Krypto Report, has been indicted in Albemarle County (VA) Circuit Court with the same thing I was charged with, for the torch march brawl on August 11th 2017, when we were attacked by antifa at the University of Virginia. § 18.2-312. Illegal use of tear gas, phosgene and other gases.

Azzmador On The Run?
Azzmador On The Run?

The case file says “MALICIOUSLY RELEASE GAS” which means that, like me, he has been charged with doing so maliciously as opposed to unlawfully. This makes it a Class 3 felony, on which he faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Interestingly, the indictment seems to have come down in June. He was indicted on June 4th 2018, and a capias (arrest order) was issued on June 7th 2018. He is currently listed as a fugitive on the Virginia Courts website (Case CR18000597-00). But Azzmador posted a new episode of the Krypto Report to the Daily Stormer as recently as October 22nd. I do not see any indication that he has been on the lam prior to this breaking last night.

Photos and video had emerged in May of this year alleging that Azzmador was spraying pepper spray right behind me, after my can was empty and I started using my hands. If it was him, he may well have saved me from having those communist goons jump on my back, actually. Should the case make it to trial, I would gladly testify to the danger that we were all in out there, though I was in no position to see what he was doing at the time.

But claims of defensive force have not served us well in these trials thus far, no matter how obviously valid.

Whatever differences people have with each other in the movement, I’d ask that they be put aside and we help our friend in whatever lawful ways we all can.

I could say more, but I should wait until more information comes out.

Stay tuned.



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