PodZeen 40 – ANTIFA

It’s an extra spoooky Halloween episode – all about everyone’s favorite corporate communist organization and their iron grip on the music industry and the bleeding foreskins of millions of musicians.

Watch the (((video))) on BitChute

  • Calm Like a Bomb – Rage Against the Machine
  • The Irish Question
  • #Magabomber
  • Tom Petty shoots up ancient baby-dick ritual
  • Obzeen apologizes for the holocaust
  • Slice off the beef curtains
  • Megyn Kelly the subversive Irish hoor
  • Goodbye Gab!
  • Free speech kills
  • Do you even Talmud bro?
  • It’s OK to be White – Ghosty Boy
  • Antifa crash an Orifice A show
  • Infiltrate the music scene
  • No venue for white males
  • Obzeen will not kiss the wailing wall
  • How ‘hardcore punk’ fuels Antifa terrorism
  • Jordan Peterson licks my weiner
  • Stalin did nothing wrong
  • Obzeen tries to name Kieth Ellison
  • DeAndre Harris dindu nuffin
  • Jello Biafra BTFO
  • California Uber Alles – Dead Kennedys
  • Fuck California – Presidents of the United States of America
  • Big Balsonaro
  • Israeli-Brazilian shows his johnson to kids for “art”
  • Genocide is an art too!
  • Listen to Telepathic Sandwich!
  • Voicemails – Lord of the Rings did nothing wrong
  • That Man I Shot – Drive-By Truckers
  • Gay band blackmails based band
  • Henry Lee Lucas/Crack’d Out – Right Shitty
  • Moonlight Afterlife – Winter’s Howl
  • Rock n Roll is folk music
  • Jordan Peterson takes on Burger King
  • Reed Seej – Ni&&er with a Hard R


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