Radical Agenda S04E040 – Free Speech Nazis

I recently had the pleasure of arguing with a hater who actually bothered to listen to what I was saying as I replied. Those of you who listen to the show on a regular basis, or have ever bothered to speak your mind in public, can appreciate how rare this is.

Radical Agenda S04E040 - Free Speech Nazis
Radical Agenda S04E040 – Free Speech Nazis

The whole entire point of the hatred driven against us by the Jew and his pets, is to make sure people do not listen. The reason they give license to BLM and antifa terrorists, is so that our speech can be driven from the streets, and not be heard. Likewise, they economically coerce the the Internet infrastructure, to accomplish by violations of campaign finance and anti-trust laws, what they could not accomplish by violating our constitution… Yet.

The conversation with this person continues, so I should not attempt to predict the ultimate outcome. I can say for now that this person sent threatening texts to my publicly listed Google voice. It began with numerous insults about the “crying nazi” and some explicit threats of criminal violence, such as

Believe it or not, but I’ve only trolled 2 peeps – you & a scumbag dog fighter in upstate NY. I’m passionate ’bout many issues (I consider myself a ctr.-right/establishment-type conservative), but dog-fightin’ & nazism will push me over the edge. I have contemplated & will continue to contemplate commiting criminal acts when it comes to combating/confronting those 2 issues. Kindly bear that in mind if we ever have the displeasure of meetin’ in person. ?Capiche?

When I found out he wasn’t a full blown leftist (he told me he was white prior, btw), I decided it was worth doing more than exchanging insults with him. So I said;

You know I wasn’t a “Nazi” when your commie friends attacked me in Charlottesville, right? I specifically said so in the “Crying Nazi” video. I read Mein Kampf in jail, and since I had been framed for a crime by a [CENSORED BY COURT ORDER] and a [CENSORED BY COURT ORDER] I concluded the Nazis had a point. I was just an edgy libertarian who was sick of immigration and BLM riots.

Shockingly enough, the guy responded thoughtfully;

That’s kinda weird, since Hitler composed & dictated his tome while in prison. We’re a country founded & sustained by/on immigration. That is not ever going to change. That being stated & mutually agreed to, I would like to stop illegal immigration myself. But the alt-right trump is going after legal immigration. That will not fly in my book. He will not succeed in that endeavor. BLM movement is a valid cause. Mike brown deserved what he got. But Tamil rice, Eric garner, laquon McDonald, Walter Scott, Philando Castile & Freddie gray were all fucked by bad, dumb, crooked cops. I studied all those cases. The only 1 that BLM is wrong on is mike brown, who went after Darren Wilson’s gun upon being confronted after robbin’ convenience store.

I linked him to a piece I wrote from my old anarcho-capitalist perspective titled On Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, & Eric Garner. He assured me he would check it out after he was done watching a sporting event he was in the middle of. He responded the next afternoon.

You’re spot-on regarding brown, rice & Garner. I concur wholeheartedly. Here’s the deal w/ cops & policing: 10% of cops are REAL bad (defined as cops willing & able to commit criminal acts &/or infringe upon the civil rights of civilians); just like any profession. Then you have just bad cops (defined as cops disregarding criminal acts of other cops, not confronting them in real-time & not reporting them to higher-ups). That % is roughly 65% – 75%. But, as a result of the existence of the blue code of silence, the total combined % of REAL bad cops & merely bad cops is closer to 75% – 85%. That leaves just 15% – 25% of cops that will NOT cross that criminal line & WILL confront fellow officers in real-time &/or REPORT them to higher-ups if & when they observe criminal acts or civil rights violations. That is unacceptable & we must identify processes & protocol to reduce that combined %. The blue code of silence is on par w/ the no-snitch rule that governs ghetto living!

They are equally repugnant & repulsive to me. I understand why both beliefs exist & how they are enforced & reinforced. Civilized society cannot tolerate these entrenched tenets. Which leads us to your 2nd major topic: existence of & need for the “state”. Basically, what you’re espousing. is anarchy. That has not ever & will not ever work in organized, civil human society (see somalia). It has a lot to do w/ innate human “badness”. We are inherently evil creatures due to our superior intelligence & big brains. Anarchy works well w/ lower lifeforms because animals have small brains &, more importantly, they know their place in their animal societies & do not step outside of them under penalty of death or great, disfiguring bodily harm &/or banishment from the “herd”. You seem fairly educated & decently raised. Surely you can understand why needs exist for acceptable norms, laws, lawyers, police, process servers, courts & in your particular case – jailers.

To which I replied;

I’m not an anarchist anymore. The need for order and institutions you mention, is why I became a Nazi. If you read fascist literature instead of Jewish propaganda, you would become one too. George Lincoln Rockwell was a WWII combat veteran. I recently had Art Jones on my show, a Nazi who won a Republican Primary in Illinois, who’s father was a WWII vet. We’re not anti-American. We love our country, and we know that it is Jews pushing this diversity horseshit on us, and that it isn’t helping the country.

Do you really want to live in a black neighborhood? https://christophercantwell.com/2015/10/07/disarm-black-males/

We’ll see what happens, but something tells me this guy’s intellectual life is about to take an important turn.

It is this, that the Jew fears. They are not afraid riots in the streets, or dead old folks in a synagogue, they are begging for that shit. That is why they are trying so hard to destroy Gab. That is why they are trying so hard to destroy the Radical Agenda. That is why they are trying so hard to destroy your humble correspondent. If we are heard, we will win, and all their con job outfits like the SPLC, ADL, AIPAC, etc, will be out of business. Globally, and eternally. Does anyone really even think this menace can survive without that power to subvert our governments against us?

They’re not afraid of violence. They have the blacks, gays, trannies, and other futureless lowlives at their disposal. A limitless supply of pseudo humans with nothing to lose, who will throw their lives away to do violence upon his enemies on command. Like the career criminal piece of shit who assaulted James Fields in the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail. This piece of trash found himself locked up on a totally separate matter, more than a year after his friends pointed their guns at James and caused him to crash his car into the mob this dindu was a part of. James was getting blood drawn in medical, and while the needle was still in his arm, this savage ran across the room and assaulted James right in front of the guards and medical staff.

And get this, somebody started a GoFundMe for this nigger.

I reported it, for being against the GoFundMe ToS, saying;

This user is raising money to pay a criminal to assault someone. The person who “needs a lawyer” is actually having money put into his commissary account at the jail, after he committed a wholly unprovoked assault on an unpopular inmate while that inmate was receiving medical attention. You are literally financing violent crime.

Let’s see how that goes…

The people we’re facing are awful. They have to hide the truth, because if people knew the truth, we would win so easily it could hardly be called a victory.

I Had The Top Jew Post On Gab
I Had The Top Jew Post On Gab

Some Jew who is trying to get Gab censored off the web, is doing analytics on some data he managed to obtain from the site. It turns out I have the most popular anti-Semitic post on the site.

Jason Baumgartner used some means to index all (presumably public) Gab posts, and did a search through it for “Jews,jew,jewish,judaism,kike,kikes”. He sorted the data by who got the most upvotes, and the top post was from yours truly.

Those of you who are regular users of Gab might recall this one. I had it pinned to my profile for months.

For all of you who are new to Gab, don’t worry about the racism. I know it can be a little weird at first, but pretty soon you’re going to realize that racism is normal and the only reason you haven’t seen it before is because the Jews were censoring it.

The post managed to rack up a score of 628, with 614 upvotes, and a grand total of 14 downvotes. One is left to wonder if a fellow Nazi saw 13 downvotes, and just couldn’t help but make it 14.

Interesting that they should prove me right so rapidly. Then brag about it in their newspapers and on television. Then claim that I’m some kind of unhinged bad guy for being able to predict the future, based on an incredibly repetitive history.

I also had the sixth most popular Jew post which read;

Mr. President, No matter how many wars you wage for the Jews, no matter how many sons and daughters you give them, they will always oppose your efforts to Make America Great Again, because subversion runs through their veins.

That garnered a score of 428, with 431 upvotes and just 3 downvotes.

The data in the report is not dated, sadly, but I suspect this was right around the time that Trump launched missiles into Syria, again. The first time was just over a year prior, and I wasn’t using Gab much back then. So much for our anti-Semite president with the Jew grandkids and inlaws, who carries out Jew foreign policy at our expense, eh?

Notably, the second most popular Jew post came from my favorite Gab account, @gerbils (Find him, and me, on Minds.com until Gab comes back this weekend). You probably see me reposting him pretty frequently, and he @mentioned me in the post, so I’ll gladly take some credit for this.

We need to start photoshopping orthodox JEWS into all racemixing advertisements! @Cantwell

That post racked up a total score of 579, with 683 up and only 5 down. The rest of the top Jew posts mostly came from Andrew Anglin, Jared Wyand, and Patrick Little, shout outs all around, fellas.

Now you can see why the Jews are so afraid of Gab. People are mentioning Jews and truth in the same paragraph. Jews consider free speech to be hate speech, because if Whites are allowed to speak freely of Jews, Whites will begin comparing notes and hating Jews, because Jews are terrible people, and Jews know this better than most Nazis. If anybody knew what the Jews were doing to us, of course those people would hate Jews.

Imagine for a moment that most White people in this country realized it was the Jews trying to censor the Internet, and subvert our second amendment? Imagine everyone who voted for Trump really did know Jews were the source of our immigration problems? Imagine the mothers of our dead veterans realized that their sons died for the foreign policy of a hostile foreign ethnostate? Imagine what Jews would do if racemixing, abortionhomosexual, and anti-family propaganda was being fed to their daughters and sons against their will? Imagine Whites bombarded Israel with open borders propaganda, and arranged our foreign policy toward them as we would for other “Nazis”, over their ethnocentric immigration and reproduction policies. 7

That is not a world that the Jew can live in. If truth is able to flow freely to the people willing to listen, then that is the world that the Jew will die in.

We can create that world. All that we need to do is hang on, and stay out of trouble long enough to let people know what is happening.

The Jews are trying to provoke you to senseless acts of violence. They have sent their antifa goons out to attack us in the street, and enlisted the assistance of all levels of our government to protect these terrorists. They have subsidized black race riots, ironically labeled “Black Lives Matter” as they burn down their own cities, kill the cops who protect innocent blacks, and blow one another’s brains out on the streets. They want you to fight, it’s talking they’re afraid of.

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 740-I-AM-1488

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