Bad News For Jews… Gab is Back!

You might have heard about a small criminal justice matter in Pittsburg recently, which frightened the Jewish people. The oligarchs among them quickly went into (over re)action, trying to silence anyone who might have an unkind word to say about the Jewish people. This proved to be quite a task however, since the Jews have been earning the enmity of their neighbors everywhere they have lived for thousands of years, and there was still one website online where people were permitted to speak freely, and compare notes.

And so the Holocaust hucksters got to work, calling in favors at the industries their coethnics controlled, and using whatever power they had to coerce the industries they didn’t. Eventually, they managed to get kicked off of their payment processors, web host, and domain registrar, simultaneously. Finally, the website was down, and the Jews rejoiced.

Bad News For Jews... Gab is Back!
Bad News For Jews… Gab is Back!

However, for a supposedly high IQ population, the Jews have an awfully high collective time preference. They have thusly been prone to premature smugness and celebrations, as well as short sighted strategy.

It ultimately took less than a week for to go back online. In the week it was down, the goyim who got wise to the tricks of the Jew, had found other ways to communicate with one another. Whereas they once only had Gab, they now had Telegram, the forums, and, to name just a few.

In the end, all the Jews really accomplished was notifying more goyim of the problems Jews create when they are allowed to live in one’s country. Millions watched their televisions, and read their newspapers in utter confusion, as the same Jews who insist we must let millions of foreign savages into our country to “live up to our values,” now told us we had to scrap the first two amendments to our constitution, just because 11 old people died.

One wonders if they will carry that frustration into the voting booths this Tuesday, and in future elections.


Technical Note: You might have some intermittent trouble loading pages on Gab. They have a lot more traffic than usual, and may be ironing out some bugs from the migration. Just refresh the page, or come back later. I am confident all will be back to normal soon. Perhaps, even better.

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