Chatting with a Jewish Fellow Republican

In addition to the call in lines for the Radical Agenda, I also have a publicly listed voicemail where people can leave me messages offline, at 631-791-5842, and that number got a lot of circulation with the video that earned me the moniker “The Crying Nazi” even though I said in that video “I’m not a Nazi”. Since then it has existed mostly to record threats and other nasty messages which I sometimes play on the show, but I recently got a more thoughtful message from a Jewish man who had taken issue with a message I posted to social media.

Chatting with a Jewish Fellow Republican
Chatting with a Jewish Fellow Republican

For those of you who may be listening to this at some later time, I’ll point out that today is November 5th 2018, and the dominating news story, second only to the election that takes place tomorrow, was the censorship of a social network called There has been a big issue leading up to the election that the major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are censoring right wing voices under the auspices of censoring “hate speech” to avoid “offending people”.

When you complain about this, people say “Go start your own site” and so that’s what the site’s founder, Andrew Torba did. But, when racism found a home online, certain powerful people pounced on the site as something that had to be destroyed. They didn’t care about us “offending people” they were far more concerned about us convincing people. To make a long story short, the site was down for a week, and when it came back online, I made a couple of posts blaming Jews for the censorship.

In one I said “Hey Jews! We’re back on Gab now. Thanks for the press. Pretty soon the average citizen is going to figure out that we wouldn’t be having these problems in your absence, and we genuinely appreciate your help in stepping up the timeline on that. ”

In another I said “Please remember it was the Jews who tried to shut this site down. You can call them “big tech” or “liberal elites” or “the media” or “the globalists| or “the bankers” but it is always the Jews, and you’re kidding yourselves if you think otherwise.”

So this Jewish guy took issue with the censorship campaign against this site. He was on our side, on the free speech component, and he decides to sign up for Gab, and the first thing he sees when he joins the site, is my post blaming Jews for the censorship, on the “Popular Posts” page.

So he understandably feels attacked by this and says “I’m Jewish, and I’m here because I don’t want you censored, this is bullshit!” And he left me the voicemail.

A little hostile, but understandably, and as I’ll explain to the guy, it’s not that I think all jews are doing XYZ or that only Jews are doing it, but that the problems I’m talking about would not happen in the absence of Jewish influence. In any case, I was kinda busy so I sent the guy a text message instead of calling him back, and I invited him to call into the show, saying I didn’t have time to chat with everyone who disagrees with me individually, alright, full disclosure, I said I didn’t have time to chat up individual Jews, but you get the idea. We exchanged a few texts, and when I found myself with some free time before the show, I called him up on my cell phone.

Now, my cell phone has an app on it, where I can record phone calls if I choose to, and I occasionally publish these calls to my website like I’m about to do with this one. Unfortunately, the app can be buggy sometimes, and occasionally there is a problem where it only records one side of the conversation, in this case, my side. So what you’re about to listen to is literally a one sided conversation, and I find this profoundly disappointing because the guy I spoke to was open minded, intelligent, and well intentioned. I gain absolutely nothing by his side of this talk being edited out. I’m not trying to censor this guy, that’s the last thing I want. But, you can sort of gather what questions he’s asking by the way I respond to them, I’ve been over this audio and I’m releasing it because it is still worth listening to. I have removed the silent portions of the recording, which is where he would be speaking, just for the sake of continuity, and what you’re going to hear is my end of the conversation responding to his inquiries and telling him about my ideas and the progression of the Radical Agenda as an artistic endeavor.

Especially for people who haven’t been listening to the show for awhile, I think you’re really going to enjoy this because it provides some background information, and even longtime listeners I think you’ll appreciate the stroll down memory lane. So, without further ado, here is my one sided conversation, with a very reasonable fellow Republican, who happens to hail from Jewish ancestry.


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