Radical Agenda S04E041 – Fighting Back

Even after setting the clocks back, it was a late night in the Radical Agenda studio Sunday. Sleep has long been a problem for your humble correspondant, and when tensions rise my insomnia follows suit. Gab is back online, after being down for almost a week. The polls open in mere hours, and soon we and our fellow Americans will make our decision. Will we give our President two more years to build the wall, deport the invaders, bring our troops home, and save us from ruin? Or will we reward the Democrat Party for their riots and smear campaigns with subpoena and impeachment powers?

Radical Agenda S04E041 – Fighting Back
Radical Agenda S04E041 – Fighting Back

For those of you who are getting sick of me being a GOP cheerleader, I sympathize. I really don’t feel so good about doing this myself, and I am really looking forward to taking some time off from election coverage, in the hopes I’ll gain back some of the trust I probably lost in the course of doing this. I’ve tried to keep myself honest of course, but partisan loyalty can prove a corrupting influence in the best of men, and I am most certainly not the best.

As we’ve seen though, partisanship can bring out the best in others.

I used to hate Sean Hannity because I thought he was just a hired mouthpiece for the Republican Party. After Trump won the Republican primary however, he became our mouthpiece, and I started to warm up to him. You may recall that during the primary he was not Trump’s biggest fan, but once Trump was the Party’s guy, Sean got on board. He, unlike Kristol and the rest of the “Never Trumpers”, is a good partisan. He respects the process, he sees politics as a team sport, and he loyally supports his team, of which you and I are now fully a part, whether anybody wants to admit it or not.

We’ve talked before about Lindsay Graham’s firey support of the President and Justice Kavanaugh, earning from me a level of support I never imagined I could lend to the Senator from South Carolina. He is now traveling the country, campaigning for Trump endorsed Republican candidates.

Mark Levin comes to mind as well. He hated Trump during the primary. Even after winning, he withheld his endorsement for a time, but he saw the way the wind was blowing, and eventually decided to get on board. He has since been a proper partisan, defending the President against the mainstream media, the opposition party, and even the neocon elements of the GOP who would rather destroy Trump than see their party succeed.

This is what power looks like, ladies and gentlemen. When you win the contest, your foes become your allies, and you band together to defeat a greater threat, amazing things can be accomplished.

As we concluded Stage Three and began Stage Four, I said to you that we needed to put forth an absolutely fanatical effort to obtaining political power. I did not believe that on August 11th of 2017. What I went through in Charlottesville, what Dan Borden, Richard Preston, Alex Ramos, and Jacob Goodwin are still going through down there in the PDRV, made it clear to me that though it may at times seem compromising or distasteful, this is the only chance we have of defeating our rivals.

They are not afraid of losing a fistfight. They are not afraid of a lone gunman shooting up a house of worship. They have countless disposable bodies at the ready, and we’re paying for them to create and import more by the day. What we’ve seen over the last 15 months, and especially in the last two, is that the only thing they fear is our exercise of government authority.

Let us bring their worst nightmares to fruition.


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