Radical Agenda S04E046 – Big Trouble

“Antifa’s going to be in big trouble.” said Donald Trump in an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller. The President was referring to a non-specific “opposition” force which he described as “much tougher. Much stronger. Potentially much more violent” that has not yet chosen to “mobilize”, but could.

Of course, the opposition has mobilized a few times, but the President’s own Justice Department has thus far only endeavored to charge that same opposition, even as they permit Left wing terrorists to riot on a weekly basis with no fear of repercussion. Our men suffer behind the steel and concrete of jails and prisons across the continent, while our assailants brag about their criminal behavior on the social media platforms we’ve all been banned from.

Radical Agenda S04E046 - Big Trouble
Radical Agenda S04E046 – Big Trouble

“They’re sitting back and watching and they’re getting angrier and angrier,” Trump said of the Antifa opposition.

We are very glad to hear that the President has been listening to the show, and we would be happy to have him on as a guest whenever he has the time. Simultaneously, our frustrations today extend beyond the mere criminal element to which he refers. What drives our anger is not so much the rainbow coalition of mongrels and degenerates acting as the militant wing of the Democrat Party, but rather the license they have been granted by authorities to perpetuate their mayhem.

Indeed, the President is correct. We are much tougher, much stronger, much smarter and in possession of a greater capacity for violence. Give them two men, two women, and two non binary mental patients for every one man we bring, leave us on a deserted island somewhere, and we’ll happily solve America’s problem with political violence in the course of a single afternoon. Sadly, we are not on a deserted island. We live in a place that bears a staggering resemblance to an actual civilization, and under a government and corporate surveillance grid which polices not only our deeds, but our words and thoughts, with perpetually increasing levels of hysteria.

So here we stand peaceful, begging of our government to do its job and bring justice to the criminals who attack us wherever we dare to announce our presence. And, just as I had predicted, this has emboldened those same terrorists, teaching them only that violence will bring them closer to the political goals they set out to achieve. When we faded from view, they attacked prayer groups and Republican Party offices. When they ran out of Nazis to punch, they predictably expanded the definition of Nazi to include anyone not finding transgenderism worth of celebration. Once they managed to deplatform the ethnonationalists, they took it upon themselves to threaten and attack the civic nationalists as well, perhaps most notably Tucker Carlson, the third most popular cable news host in America. Just this week, the Jewish ethnocentric publication Forward.com accused Orthodox Jews of being White Nationalists. How much linguistic creep will our Nation permit, before they come to terms with the fact that these thugs are the enemies of all mankind?

Yes, Mr. President, we are angry, and we are getting angrier. The containment of that anger becomes quite the chore at times, indeed a task too difficult for some men to manage. We are furious at the prospect of losing our country to lesser animals who scoff at our laws and despise our people and way of life, but even this we could address calmly if only our government would make a token effort to stop it, or permit us to rise up against this threat ourselves. Why does our government protect masked arsonists, vandals, and other aggressors? Why are anarchists and illegal aliens free and prosperous, while patriots are made to consider ramen noodles a luxury?

My time in the enemy’s cages taught me the virtue of patience. Last year’s chaos taught me the value of law and order. The insanity of the Democrat Party has made me see the wisdom of partisan compromise. Sadly, not all of my comrades have learned these important lessons, and as the clock ticks toward irreversible catastrophe I find it increasingly difficult to argue with the sense of urgency that drives men like Robert Bowers to make tragic mistakes.

And so, Mr. President, the “big trouble” to which you refer I fear may not be imminent for the people who so richly deserve it, but rather for our country, and the men who most enthusiastically supported your effort to save it. I fear this trouble may visit itself upon more non-combatants, as men with no hope, and no leadership, throw their bodies upon the pile on the off chance it might prompt others to more drastic action.

You say of our mobilization that “so far they haven’t done that and that’s a good thing,” but the suppression of our organizing and our speech has not resulted in less bloodshed and suffering, rather more of it. Worse than this, it has caused that bloodshed and suffering to be visited upon those least deserving of it. Last year the communists took control of the streets. This year the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives. Come 2021, will crooked Hillary occupy your office? Will Chuck Schumer become Senate Majority Leader? What fate awaits us under Democrat rule?

Keep waiting for us to crush this mob while your subordinates reward our service with prison and bankruptcy, and we shall find out the hard way.


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