Radical Agenda S04E049 – Grandpa Lampshade

Grandpa Lampshade‘s Semitic Truth Center was to red pills what Walter White was to blue meth. He was pumping them out just as fast as the goyim could scarf them down, and before long we were reaching levels of goyim knowing that the Jew thought should not have even been possible.

Radical Agenda S04E049 - Grandpa Lampshade
Radical Agenda S04E049 – Grandpa Lampshade

And thusly, they had to shut it down.

You can still find his “Thoughts of the Day” podcast on Radio Aryan, but GL was one of many who got censored in a recent crackdown by WordPress.com. First they just wanted to remove Sandy Hook “hoax” blogs. Then they came for the “Nazis”. Now even feminists are getting banned, if they are not on board with the transgender terror threat.

But we goyim, we’re innovative folks. You can slow us down, but you can’t shut us up, and you definitely can’t stop what’s coming, by doing what’s causing it to come.

Grandpa Lampshade joins us for the entirety of the pogrom today, and will be taking your calls at 740-I-AM-1488

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