Radical Agenda S04E050 – Fields Day

Today begins the murder trial of James Alex Fields Jr. He faces the death penalty for having the audacity to get into a car accident while people were pointing guns at him during a riot they started. Because, being the target of communist violence is a hate crime, don’t ya know.

Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent provides a brief summary of questions which need answering;

We’ve heard that UNC professor Dwayne Dixon chased James Fields Jr. through Charlottesville with an AR-15. We know for a fact that Antifa was attacking groups leaving the rally. They attacked the League of the South at the Market Street Parking Garage. They attacked American Warrior Revolution and pinned them behind the Sultan Kebab restaurant. They pursued a group of NSM members across the downtown mall. They were chasing and attacking cars leaving the parking lot on Water Street.

Heather Heyer was with the group of Antifa who were throwing rocks at American Warrior Revolution. Courtney Commander recorded the assault on Facebook Live. She was later heard saying, “There’s about to be a war. Dem niggas goin to Garrett.” Shortly thereafter, Heather Heyer, Courtney Commander and Marissa Blair joined the group of Antifa who were parading down Water Street.

Why were Antifa allowed to parade through Charlottesville for over three hours after Gov. Terry McAuliffe issued his “State of Emergency”? Why weren’t the police clearing the streets and arresting people who were violating the “State of Emergency”? What happened to James Fields, Jr. during this three hour period? What was “the war” that “dem niggas” were going to before the car crash?

Hopefully, we will get some answers over the next few weeks.

I apologize for the blackpill here, but I do not have high hopes for James. Authorities in Charlottesville have made it quite obvious that the truth is not their objective, and that our White, Western sense of justice is something they view with infinite hostility. To them, the very concept of objective reality is “White supremacy” to be eradicated by whatever violence and deception they can bring to the front.

I had once hoped that the Federal Government would intervene and restore order, but this is quite obviously not going to happen under the current regime.

I recently sent this letter to Dino Capuzzo, one of the FBI agents I met with while I was still on electronic monitoring in Virginia.

Hi there, Dino. Been awhile…

I would hope that what I bring to you today does not come as news, but since the FBI has focused exclusively on tormenting right wingers, even as Leftists have relentlessly terrorized our country, I figured I should not assume this.

You may recall me bringing some names to your attention. Tom Keenan, Tom Massey, and Mike Longo Jr. They traveled from Philadelphia to Charlottesville, doubtlessly in coordination with [CENSORED BY COURT ORDER], with the intent of initiating violence against me and my associates. An intent they carried through on, with remarkable success.

Seeing as to how you and everyone else knows this, and chose to let them get away with these crimes, what follows should come as no surprise to anyone.

Recently the Philly PD announced they were seeking the identities of two men wanted for robbery. Their victims were United States Marine Reservists, whom the assailants predictably called “Nazis” and “White Supremacists” before pepper spraying them, striking them with instruments, and stealing one of their phones.

One of those men has been arrested, and his name is Tom Keenan. Keenan, you’re surely aware, was actively assaulting people on August 11th, and hadn’t gotten his fill by the 12th, so he ran around pepper spraying more people on that day as well.

Tom Massey is one of the other men the Philly PD is looking for. You’ll recall he threw the first punches that ignited all the violence of that weekend which brought you and I to know one another.

Their associate, Mike Longo Jr. stalked me with [CENSORED BY COURT ORDER], called in a false report of me brandishing a firearm, was present at the UVA brawl, and maced me without provocation on August 12th. I have attached an audio recording of my conversation with the Charlottesville police, where an officer informed me that the Commonwealth had no more interest in prosecuting this criminal than the FBI did. (Note that the recording was made outside of New Hampshire, or I would have informed the officer I was recording).

These goons have thusly felt emboldened to commit ever more crimes, convinced that they will face no repercussions. The recent dismissal of an assault charge against Dwayne Dixon, the man who got Heather Heyer killed, further exacerbates these problems.

If you were to listen to a few episodes of the Radical Agenda, you might hear some callers express support for figures like Dylann Roof, or Robert Bowers. When this happens, I try to convey to them that I understand their frustrations, and the sense of urgency which drives men to make such tragic mistakes. I do this in the hopes that I’ll be taken seriously when I say these behaviors are not to be emulated, as they are destructive to our purposes.

My fear, and I suspect it is well founded, is that people who see what is going on, and do not see lawful solutions to their problems, will nonetheless emulate these behaviors. We vote, and the people we elect do not keep their promises. We speak out online, and we are censored. We protest in physical space, and are chased off the streets by violent communist agitators. We defend ourselves, and we go to prison. We bring video evidence of crimes to the attention of law enforcement, and they actively side with terrorists and perjurers.

Tragic and undesirable though it may be, it is not at all unpredictable that men with poor impulse control, and grim prospects for the future, lash out violently under these circumstances. They have no faith in their government, no leadership in their movement, and no means by which to address their concerns peacefully. The Justice Department could remedy this before Christmas, simply by applying the same standard to the masked anarchists who brag about their crimes on social media, as they do to the patriots presently suffering in the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail, and the Virginia DOC.

I took so much heat for talking to you guys, but I thought it was the right thing to do, so I did it anyway. By letting these thugs continue their crime wave, while cracking down on RAM for far less, you have made a fool of me, and the broader segment of our movement that seeks lawful and peaceful remedy to our concerns.

The Jews make all this fuss that “hate speech leads to hate crimes” and try to see men like me silenced by whatever violence and deception they can get away with. But perhaps it would behoove those of us interested in stopping further violence to ask, what leads to “hate speech”?

That is a lengthy discussion of course, but the lawlessness I’ve here described is certainly a major motivating factor. I write to you today in the sincere hope that you will take meaningful steps to correct that situation. I am confident that bringing even a few of these thugs to justice, would literally save lives.

Though sadly, my experience thus far diminishes that hope, and I fear for the future of my country.

I’ll end by saying explicitly that I have no intention, nor any knowledge of any other person’s intention, to commit any act of violence, or commit any other act which would warrant your attention. The concerns I’ve here expressed are merely my observations of events and attitudes.

I hope I’m wrong…

We are on a path which I could hardly have even contemplated four years ago. No honest observer who checked the facts, really believes that James got in his car and set out to murder a commie landwhale. He, like the rest of us, was threatened, scared, and acting under incredible pressure to escape a precarious situation, where violent communist agitators had been functionally deputized to enforce foreign laws on American soil.

Those of us who have attempted to bring the truth to light, have been incarcerated, censored, sued, harassed, and physically attacked for our troubles. Meanwhile, the criminals who brag about their crimes in the open, have been exalted as heroes of love and tolerance.

Though our victory is far from certain, we can take a degree of comfort in knowing that our rivals stand no chance of bringing their Utopia to fruition. The lies about the future they envision, necessitate the lies about the path they take to it, and the good men that they destroy along that path. They might just succeed in deceiving the public long enough to obtain power and destroy their enemies, but their purported goals are impossible, and no amount of violence or deception will ever change that.


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