Radical Agenda S04E051 – Sterile

If you wanted to eradicate a given species from a given area, how would you go about it?

You could nuke the place, but that would wipe out all the infrastructure and other resources. You could use poison gas, but that would wipe out a lot of other life which you might not be so anxious to rid the world of. You could send in exterminators, or soldiers, and pick them off individually, but that would be expensive, and assuming the species could fight back, risk the lives of your men.

Radical Agenda S04E051 - Sterile
Radical Agenda S04E051 – Sterile

Luckily, Google has been hard at work on a solution. They have been genetically modifying mosquitoes, and releasing the males into the environment in Fresno, California. The mosquitoes mate with wild females, who then lay eggs which never hatch.

Using this technique, they have reduced the mosquito population in Fresno by an impressive 95%.

Genetically modifying mosquitoes is not the newest idea. Back in 2012, similarly modified mosquitoes were released in Brazil to combat dengue fever and other diseases. Some suspect these genetically modified bugs ended up causing the Zika outbreak of 2016. Zika causes fever, rash, joint pain, or conjunctivitis, but is particularly dangerous for pregnant women. In them, it can cause a condition called microcephaly, which means that children are born with an abnormally small head.


But mosquitoes aren’t really the point here anyway. I just find the methodology interesting. This is a deliberate attempt to exterminate a particular life form, and a remarkably successful one.

You don’t destroy the environment. You can do it with hardly anybody noticing. There is no visible violence for the population to get frightened by. Just by releasing a bunch of sterile males into the environment, and disrupting the mating cycle, you can reduce the population by 95%.

It bears a startling similarity to the world you live in today, come to think about it.

The United States government gives Planned Parenthood (the country’s largest abortion clinic) upwards of half a billion dollars a year. They compel employers to pay for health insurance that covers birth control.

Homosexuality, and increasingly, transgenderism, are taught in elementary schools. On Twitter, you’re not even allowed to say “men aren’t women” anymore because, that might discourage people from being transgender.

Our women have been told they don’t need a man. They should put off having kids, and pursue a career. “The future is female” reads many protest signs decorated with communist red fists at the “Women’s March”.

Meanwhile, the war against “toxic masculinity” rages on. Well, against White males anyway. Gangsta rap is still good wholesome fun for the whole family.  “Consent” to sex has been so dramatically redefined that any guy who gets laid at a party is considered a rapist.

No need to worry though. As our birthrates predictably plummet from these government and corporate policies, there are plenty of other people who are more than happy to take our place. Only a racist would see a problem with that, and those wicked Nazi bastards are being dealt with by the same Big Tech geniuses that are producing the sterile mosquitoes.

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