PodZeen 44 – THOTpocalypse

Inspired by the stunning and brave #thotaudit, PodZeen stares at some musical boobies and contemplates the service rancid hoors provide to society. There’s not much for news, but so much thotty music,  your requests, and some truly beautiful technical difficulties.

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  • Prostitutes – South Park
  • The mythical Negro to Nazi pipeline
  • The Red Man wuz Khanz
  • Here’s to you David Wu
  • Libertarians divided: by bewbs
  • Shameless shilling for the Karl Marx DERP shirt
  • How to Maximize your Kill Count – Supersuckers
  • X-ray Visions – Clutch
  • Patriarchy is the art of pimping
  • Keep those wives in line
  • Happy b-day Frankie!
  • Hand in the Fire – Cocky Bitches
  • Ain’t Got the Time – HONKY
  • Pisces – Jinjer
  • I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail – Buck Owens
  • 4’33 – John Cage
  • Bobby Brown Goes Down – Frank Zappa
  • Am I the One – Beth Hart
  • Git Gud Don Die
  • Toxicity – VK goes Wild
  • The Nyogsjhtrhs saga continues
  • Hey donors! We overdeliver
  • Help us fund Shindler II – Shindler’s Pissed
  • Helvetron did nothing wrong
  • You Ain’t Callin the Law – Unknown Hinson
  • AB finger update
  • Collab song with Jared Howe – stay tuned!
  • Finger injury pissing contest
  • Danger Zone – Psychostick
  • Bleeding in the Blur – Code Orange


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