Radical Agenda S04E053 – Bullets

Today, cable lines and airwaves are clogged with what amounts to a 24/7 funeral procession for George H.W. Bush. The 41st President of the United States died this past Friday at the age of 94, making him the longest living President in American history. Democrats and Republicans alike are fawning over the Israeli puppet who first led the United States to war in Iraq, conveniently paving over his many sins in what amounts to whitewash of history, as though the current occupant of the White House were not there as a direct repudiation of this subversive dynasty.

But the “New World Order” Bush spoke so fondly of, is well underway. It meets little resistance from the God Emperor, and the costly, senseless military action which it necessitates, continues unabated. The “threat to decency” it turns out was not in the sands of some far off land, but rather right here, at home.

I won’t spend much time talking about the sordid history of the Bush family today, because I am in no position to determine which of the horror stories are real and which are properly categorized as “conspiracy theories”. I bring it up only to complain about what it has done to the news cycle, and my ability to come up with a theme for the show today.

Radical Agenda S04E053 - Bullets
Radical Agenda S04E053 – Bullets

So instead, here is a bullet list of some of the stories on my radar.

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