Radical Agenda S04E054 – Good Mourning

Don’t bother checking the mail. Donald Trump gave the postal service the day off in  a “day of mourning” for the now deceased 41st President of the United States. Here at the Radical Agenda though, we’re hard at work. No mourning necessary over here.

Radical Agenda S04E054 - Good Mourning
Radical Agenda S04E054 – Good Mourning

I watched some of the proceedings today, and they were about as nauseating as one might expect. Like John McCain before him, George H.W. Bush was a lover and promoter of diversity. A bipartisan compromiser, who never let his promises to the public get in the way of his duties to the Jew World Order. His passing is to serve as a reminder to all of you, that your interests come absolute last, and the demands of wealthy Jews and their poverty stricken sub-human pets, are all that really matter.

I am not in mourning at all, as I watch the passage of this sorry era of the Republican Party. Say what one will of Donald Trump’s many shortcomings, the culture change on the Right in the last couple of years comes as excellent news to me, as it should to you. As each warmongering neocon puppet retires, or better yet, expires, a replacement emerges from his Right. Even those who lack the crucial keys to understanding the big picture of our political problems, serve as a conduit to that understanding for many more challengers yet to emerge.

I am positively celebratory as I watch this failed ideological scam fade from view. If you really want to mourn something today, our criminal justice system might be a good place to start.

The James Fields trial continues in Charlottesville. The prosecution rested their case after spectacularly failing to prove their calumny. The defense moved to strike the premeditated murder charge, since literally zero evidence of such a crime was presented. But Judge Moore cares not for evidence, as we saw with Goodwin, Ramos, Long, and Harris. The burden of proof expected of our White Western legal system has thusly been inverted, and it is now on the defense to prove James Fields is innocent, before a jury who openly confessed to having already made up their minds.

That is a thing worthy of taking a day off from work, folks. And if things do not change, if you and I do not succeed, then you can be certain we’ve got a lot more such days in our future.

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