Radical Agenda S04E055 – After Trump

Tom Kawczynski joins us again, this time, in studio, to discuss his new book (yes, another one), titled After Trump: How Nationalism Can Save America.

Radical Agenda S04E055 - After Trump
Radical Agenda S04E055 – After Trump

It covers the evolution from civic nationalism to a more ethnically cognizant model through the medium of culture. 

Then, it lays out policy prescriptions for how we must proceed, most key amongst these is reclaiming our culture – the universities, media, etc, stopping immigration in flows, and changing our family planning policies so productive (read:white) people have more children and the state stops paying for the less desirables.

It closes with a plan to re-elect Trump, increase polarization, and get an actual nationalist in there for 2024. Which is when we have to win with our guy or, as the previous book said, we’re well and truly fucked.

Find Tom on Gab, and Pendulum.online

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