Radical Agenda S04E057 – Life Plus

The show trial and sentence recommendation of James Fields is now complete. He was found guilty on all counts, including premeditated murder and leaving the scene of an accident, and the jury recommended a sentence of life plus 419 years. Judge Moore still has to officially pass the sentence, but anyone following these proceedings will be left with little doubt that he will impose the recommendation of the jury.

Radical Agenda S04E057 - Life Plus
Radical Agenda S04E057 – Life Plus

Virginia does not have the kind of parole system states like New York have. So unless a competent court overturns the verdict, or some kind of political upheaval corrects the wrong done, James has seen his last days outside of prison. He still awaits trial on federal charges, which could carry a death sentence.

What this proves more than anything else is that our deliberations are strictly limited to victory or death. Forget the murder, at least they had a body and a compelling lie to back that scam up. They found the guy guilty of hit and run, when a bunch of communists attacked his car with clubs and pulled guns on him, which is far more telling of the corruption at work.

Not only did they convict and destroy an innocent man, but doing so was the whole point of the exercise. It was a show of force, that this is what they will do to you if given the opportunity.

There will be no mutually agreeable terms we can reach with people like that. We can separate, subjugate, or kill one another. That’s it. Living under their rule is a death sentence for us, so people better get serious, and fast.

Distasteful though it may be, and though I hate to say it, the only institution capable of answering this injustice is the State. No flier, blog, podcast, rally, fight club, or act of terrorism will correct the wrong done. Unless we find a way of imposing our will politically, we are doomed.

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