Letters from A Sacramento Jail – Will Planer 20181212

Will Planer called me to inquire about the verdict and sentencing of James Fields. The attached audio is actually two calls. We ran out of time on the first, and Will called me back to continue the conversation.

Sadly, I had a recurring technical issue with the call recording app on my phone, in which only my side of the audio was picked up. So you will hear our conversation on the first call, and then a one sided conversation of only my voice on the second. I replaced the app, and hope the problem does not continue, but sadly I only find out when the problem occurs.

Keep up with Alex and our other political prisoners via the following means;

UTR: updated Jacob G’s address & Alex R’s inmate # h/t @BillyRoper

James Fields 631438 Life + 419 Years
Daniel Borden 631461 sentencing 1/7/2019
Rich Preston 631860
Michael Miselis 10643409 trial Jan 14-18
Tom Gillen 10643408 Jan 14-18
Name/Inmate number
Albemarle County Regional Jail
160 Peregory Lane
Charlottesville VA 22902

Send money thru jailatm.com OR
cashiers check/money order: Name/Inmate Number, PO Box 7626, Charlottesville VA 22906

Jacob Goodwin, 1931215 S3 building 8 room 436 Greensville Correctional Center 901 Corrections Way Jarratt, VA 23870-9614

Alex Michael Ramos #1917415 Coffeewood Correctional Center, 12352 Coffeewood Dr., Mitchells, VA 22729 send him money thru jpay.com

Ben Daley, Central Virginia Regional Jail, 13021 James Madison Hwy, Orange, VA 22960 (no inmate # needed) trial Jan 14-18
Tyler W. Davis, C-ville, house arrest till his trial 2/11/2019

Will Planer X-3696365
Sacramento County Main Jail
651 ā€œIā€ Street 5W224A
Sacramento CA 95814
PayPal: [email protected]


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