Radical Agenda S04E058 – Declining Standards

Here at the Radical Agenda, we rarely have the opportunity to bring you good news. The things we value are under constant and perpetual assault, our enemies are powerful, and our allies, frequently, prove less than impressive. Indeed, finding good in a world where transgenderism is celebrated in churches, proves truly elusive and moreso by the day.

On occasion, we do have some glimmer of hope though. The election of Donald Trump, the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, the long overdue passing of John McCain, and of George H.W. Bush, all marked important milestones in a cultural shift which may just signal the possibility of salvation.

Today, as I sifted through news of transgender pedophiles, Jews suing Catholic schools for discrimination, and the bankruptcy of the Boy Scouts, I stumbled across a thing which made me smile. The Weekly Standard, a neoconservative publication founded in 1995 by Bill Kristol, Fred Barnes, and John Podhoretz, is calling it quits.

Radical Agenda S04E058 - Declining Standards
Radical Agenda S04E058 – Declining Standards

Bill Kristol announced today via Twitter that “All good things come to an end. And so, after 23 years, does The Weekly Standard…”

CNN reports that “The closing of the magazine represents a broader shift in conservative media. Outlets on the right that are critical of Trump have lost influence or changed their tone, while media organizations on the right supportive of the President have flourished.”

This is even more telling for us, as we know the President’s most enthusiastic supporters have been censored, illegally discriminated against by the financial system, frivolously sued, framed for crimes, and assaulted, all without thanks from the God Emperor. We are meeting every imaginable challenge, along with many which were previously unimaginable, and charging forward toward the future our rivals dread. Meanwhile, our Judaic and Shabbos counterparts on what used to pass for the Right, though they be powerful and well financed, are dropping like flies.

As our politics become increasingly polarized, and extremes prevail over moderates at both ends, those in the uninformed center will be met with a very clear choice. They can either give into the delusions of the far Left, and meet the dismal and horrifying end those delusions so richly deserve, or they can accept the clear if uncomfortable truth we have for so long tried to call their attentions to. They can step into an early grave in hopes of avoiding criticism, or they can tell their tormenters where to shove their opinions, and follow us to the brighter future which hierarchy and righteousness alone make possible.

Failed are those who would try to reconcile these two distinct paths, and predictably so. Some things just do not mix, and others mix at the expense of their mutual destruction. Such was the case for the abomination of neoconservatism. The Jewish Trotskyite undercover communists who attempted to hijack the American Right had quite the run. They made a lot of money, destroyed many of their rivals, and it seemed, for a moment, that they had solidified their position.

Then came an unexpected combination of factors which proved lethal to their hegemony. An obnoxious reality TV billionaire decided to run for president, just as a handful of brilliant and creative men discovered the ways of the Jew, and disseminated this life saving wisdom to the candidate’s supporters by way of memes and podcasts.

The Jew struck back with all of his might and resources. Cowards fled the battlefield, good men went to prison, and a struggle which at times seemed futile raged on with no clear path to success.

But in the end, there was no success to be had by the enemy, for his vision was opposed not only by us, but by reality itself. Our task, ladies and gentlemen, is not so much to destroy our foes, but rather to keep the truth alive while the enemy destroys himself, a future so certain that the deaf, dumb, and blind can see it while passed out drunk.

And so, as the Weekly Standard approaches its final week, though we do grimly celebrate their overdue demise, we simultaneously thank their contributors for the exercise. For a day may just arrive in the future where the failure of our foes is not quite so certain, and the lessons we have learned during this meme war, will surely serve us well in the next.

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