The Huffington Post Called about Epik CEO Rob Monster

Jessica Schulberg at the Huffington Post called me today, asking about Rob Monster. For the uninitiated, Rob is the CEO of, the domain registrar for, a “free speech” social network which has been kicked off other domain registrars because he allows non-communists to use his website.

The Huffington Post Called about Epik CEO Rob Monster
The Huffington Post Called about Epik CEO Rob Monster

In the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, a bit of a purge ensued on Gab removing many of the more controversial users. This left me as perhaps the edgiest guy on the platform, and thusly the media has diligently hovered over my timeline looking for stuff to take out of context and paint Gab as a haven for terrorists.

Rob Monster has thusly taken an interest in the content on the platform, and me in particular, as Jews and their goyim dupes on Twitter harass him trying to get me banned from Gab. This is so they can set their sights on the next edgiest user, in a process that will never end and result in the destruction of all speech worth hearing. As Rob has responded to critics, he has occasionally been put in the awkward position of defending my right to speak, and the media has predictably used this to savage his reputation.

As I am wont to do, I spoke frankly with Jessica about my views and my limited interactions with Mr. Monster.

UPDATE: Here’s the smearpiece this ovenbait wrote.

As I said to Jessica, and publicly in the past, I do not think Rob shares my views on many things. We do however agreee that the censorship campaign against Gab is being waged by people who are irresponsible and misguided at best, and evil at the far more likely worst. To this limited extent, we have found ourselves on the same side, and I have appreciated our interactions thus far.

But as they savage his reputation for being a decent guy, he’ll come to realize how horrible these people truly are.

As I’ve said time and again “Keep on calling everybody a Nazi, and eventually, you’ll be right!”


UPDATE: After listening to this a couple of times, I fired off this email to Jessica;

As I was listening to the recording of our conversation, which I’ve since published on my site, I thought it worth reaching out to clarify a point.

When you asked me how it would be different if you asked me to delete something than if Epik did, I failed to respond appropriately. It’s not just a matter of teams.

You and I do not have a user agreement. It’s not just that you’re a political rival and working for a notoriously dishonest Jew media outfit. Gab has a set of rules, which I am both morally and legally obligated to obey by way of contract. Remember, I came to this stuff by way of libertarianism, and though I’ve seen flaws in that way of thinking, I still take my agreements seriously.

My constant complaint about Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, has always been a lack of clarity, and a heavy handed response for supposed violations of unclear terms. If YouTube or Facebook or Twitter had clear guidelines on what constituted a violation of their terms, I would have abided by those agreements.

They try to act like “advocacy of violence” is some kind of clearly defined redline, but that obviously isn’t the case since gangster rap is wildly popular on the platforms. Antifa is obviously allowed to advocate politically motivated acts of criminal violence, so they aren’t anti-terrorism. You’re obviously allowed to say derogatory things about people based on race and gender since anti-White and anti-Male propaganda is permitted.

If Gab said “You’re allowed to talk about blacks and immigrants, but not Jews” I would think that kind of stupid, but I would agree to the terms of service and use the platform accordingly, or not use it at all.

To give you a more specific example, I had been uploading videos of the Radical Agenda to Brighteon, formerly After the Pittsburgh shooting, the proprietor said it was “No Place For Jew Haters” so I stopped uploading my videos there. I have Jewish listeners, and I think that what I do is an honest critique, but I know what I do is going to be perceived as “Jew hating” so I don’t bother.

I was far more moderate before I got banned from YouTube and Facebook. I was trying to abide by their ridiculously unclear terms, and made thousands of dollars doing so. It was only when the media descended upon me and lied their asses off about what actually happened in Charlottesville that I got banned.

When those maniacs framed me for a crime in Charlottesville, I felt compelled to push harder to disincentivize the calumny, so I embraced the “Full 1488” thing to spite them, and given the sentences of my former fellow inmates, I dare you to investigate whether I actually did what I was accused of. I pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors and walked, after being accused of maliciously macing an innocent [CENSORED BY COURT ORDER] and an innocent [CENSORED BY COURT ORDER]. Do you think for one second I’d be home right now if evidence existed to support that, when Jacob Goodwin got a decade for kicking one violent criminal twice? purported to be a YouTube alternative, and I signed up at a time when they had no “hate speech” clause in their terms of service. By the time I was about to stream my first Radical Agenda episode to the platform, they had changed those terms, and I declined to use the platform because I did not want to violate an agreement, and get banned from a platform I might at some point in the future use to broadcast a production which was permissible under their terms.

I honor contractual obligations, but sadly, “hate speech” is undefined, and is thus used as a political weapon by people you agree with to silence people who you do not agree with. If you wanted to be an actual journalist, that would be the story.

But you’re not. You’re just another lying Jew asshole trying to smear people.






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