PodZeen 47 – War on Drugs

Whooooah mannn this extra long PodZeen is totally tripped out bro…

We talk about our degenerate experiences and serve as a warning to the youth. Don’t do drugs kids.

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  • Jesus Shootin’ Heroin – Flaming Lips
  • You don’t need drugs to Rock n Roll
  • Chinaman’s Revenge
  • The Sackler family
  • Frankie returns from Hollywood
  • Endorse us Shure microphones
  • Irish mormon supremacist druglords
  • Aren’t opiates actually the opiate of the masses?
  • Lil Windex embodies the 14 words
  • Heroin is grody. And gay.
  • Jingle of a Dog’s Collar – Butthole Surfers
  • Gibby Haynes killed Scott Weiland
  • The Golden Eel – Ween
  • All those nahtzee Ween fans
  • Our personal drug abuse stories
  • Braindead walking LSD corpses
  • Too Hebrew for cocaine
  • Save your dopamine levels from Meth and Porn
  • Cocaine – J.J. Cale
  • Ballad of Jimi Hendrix; Bigger than the Devil – Stormtroopers of Death
  • Lake Pontchartrain – Ludo
  • Open borders for Israel
  • We All Die; Porter Potty – Senses to Destroy
  • Next thing you know you got flies on your dick
  • Who the fuck is Heather Heyer?
  • My Hooptie – Sir Mix-a-Lot
  • Hollywood glamorizes the scum of the earth
  • SNL gaylord refuses to kill himself in Minecraft
  • Stop watching SNL
  • Donald Trump won’t behead journalists. Cuck.
  • Waterboard Alec Baldwin – for fun! (In Minecraft)
  • Be like Lincoln
  • Vladimir Putin gets in the rap game
  • Be a dictator not a dick taker
  • Strawman capitalism
  • Kill pornographers and rappers (with due process)
  • That Smell – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Crack is whack yo
  • Ethics is gay
  • It’s easy m’kay – South Park
  • Don’t do drugs – just dick pills
  • The Lord is my Monkey, I shall not Want – Orifice A


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