Radical Agenda S04E061 – Shutdown Party

I’m feeling like a conspiracy theorist today. Is our reality TV President just putting on a really great show?

Everything has been right down to the wire for the last two years. Put off to the last minute, with all sorts of twists and turns, outcome never certain. That is, until the deadline passes and I am left without satisfaction. I feel like I’m watching some kind of ridiculous TV drama, parading itself as non-fiction. Yet the plot holes make it difficult to suspend disbelief.

Radical Agenda S04E061 - Shutdown Party
Radical Agenda S04E061 – Shutdown Party

On the prior episode I was mocking the concept of having faith in a President, and this after my partisan cheerleading in the lead up to the midterms. My inner libertarian shouted “I told you so, sucker!” as I fell back to secession and individual responsibility.

Then, suddenly, under pressure from the Radical Agenda, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter, the President does an about face. Now we’re pulling out of Syria, prompting the resignation of Mattis, Trump vows to veto a spending bill without border funding, and the “Trump Shutdown” looms with a countdown clock in the bottom right of the screen on Fox News.

Adding to the suspense, 85 year old Leftist Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg now rests at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center after having two malignant nodules surgically removed from her lungs. Judge Reed O’Connor, the Texas judge who last week struck down the Affordable Care Act, is soon to take on a transgender rights case, which itself might make its way to a Supreme Court whose makeup was recently altered by the prior high drama.

I am glued to the story as it unfolds, unable to take my eyes off the screen, cursing the advertisements, and feeling like that’s the whole point. I am reminded of my pre-Trump anarchocapitalism, distrust of the system and its propagandists, and the accompanying sense of dread that powerful forces are at work to keep all of us in the dark, and thusly compliant.

“Just sit tight and watch the commercials, goyim. Our hand picked puppet will try his best to save you, until the clock runs out and you lose. Once you have lost, fear not, just sit tight and watch a few more commercials while the next drama unfolds!”

I, in turn, dutifully do you the same disservice. “Hey fellow white people. Laugh at my jokes and listen to me beg for shekels while your country is torn apart. Don’t do anything dangerous, that would interfere with my business model and emotional state. Just keep the checks coming and I will keep entertaining you”.

Though, I do have some spectacular entertainment lined up.


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