VPN Testers Wanted

Online privacy is under assault. At other times in history, when honest, law abiding people had little reason to keep secrets, this might not have been such a great crisis. Sadly, those times are long behind us.

I myself have trusted Google with my email, search, and much more, for upwards of a decade. Likewise with Facebook, I used them to communicate with friends new and old, and had no qualms about using it as my only means by which to sign into other websites. I trusted these companies, and appreciated the way they used my information to shape my online experience and help me find relevant information.

In the wake of the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, all of this changed. I was permanently banned from Facebook for my political views, which subsequently locked me out of sites on which Facebook was my only means of authentication. I was banned from YouTube, lost all of the videos I had uploaded to my channel, and to this day cannot view an age restricted video without using a sock puppet account. The FBI was given access to my GMail account, which did not trouble me too much at the time since I was not in the habit of breaking the law, and I was happy for the federal government to know this.

But then it occurred to me that the same people who saw my political views as too dangerous to be heard publicly, likewise had access to all of that information. Today, expressing your political views, or even stating objective truths, can get you censored, fired, subjected to meritless legal persecution, or even make you the victim of criminal violence, without any protection from the legal system.


Protecting your privacy online is a complicated task, even if you are a run of the mill criminal, whom these companies are more than happy to run cover for. For those of us accused of thought crime, we enjoy no such protection. So much of the technology industry is dominated by the same Leftists who are creating these hazards. Check the Terms of Service for nearly any service provider, and you’ll almost always find some prohibition against “hate speech” and other arbitrary terms designed to discriminate against, and remove protections from, anyone who challenges the prevailing political narratives.

For several years, I advertised and endorsed a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service on this site called Private Internet Access (PIA). This was a lucrative venture, since so many of you required such a service. Since the company had not expressed any overt political opinions, and was more than happy to provide services to drug dealers, terrorists, and myriad other criminals, I assumed our political expressions would likewise be protected. This turned out not to be the case.

Following my release from jail in Virginia, I was notified that my affiliate agreement with PIA was being cancelled, and the company no longer intended to honor their obligation to pay me the recurring revenues from prior signups. I contacted an attorney about this, but the revenue in question would not have paid his fees, so I had to reluctantly accept that I was out of luck.

A VPN, for those of you who are unaware, is a service which routes all of your web traffic through an encrypted tunnel to a proxy server. Put more simply, it hides your IP address from the sites you are visiting, and hides the sites you are visiting from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Without such a service, the sites you are visiting can tell where you are visiting from, and allows your ISP to see what sites you are visiting.

This is a valuable service, but if the service provider takes active political stances against your interests, becomes worthless. So I talked to some talented Radical Agenda listeners about creating our own such service. We have one functioning today, and are planning to market this service to the public, but are still in the testing stages. The purpose of this message is to invite you to test the service for free.

We have all the testers we need for this stage of the project. Thanks to those of you who volunteered. 


Christopher Cantwell comedian, writer, voice artist, and Patriot.

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