Radical Agenda S04E064 – Spiraling Out

Here at the Radical Agenda, our thirst for liberty gave way to our need for order over the last couple of years. Our contempt for the heavy handed ways of the State, took a back seat to our greater contempt for Leftist riots, which have brought us to the brink of revolution. Whereas we had once lost interest in having so much as a president, we found ourselves cheering for a God Emperor.

Technical problems with the stream caused us to start late today, and have a smaller than usual live audience which meant few calls. So unfortunately, this is the second short episode in a row. We’ll be back on Monday for our New Year’s Eve special! 

Radical Agenda S04E064 - Spiraling Out
Radical Agenda S04E064 – Spiraling Out

As 2018 nears its conclusion, we are reminded of why we had lost faith in our institutions so long ago.

Deaths of law enforcement officers are on the rise, thousands of illegal immigrants are being set loose on our streets, trannies will soon make our laws, good men who broke no law sit in prison, and communists riot in our streets with no fear of prosecution.

Our efforts to right the ship have been fruitless. Our votes and electoral success brought no tangible results. Our peaceful demonstrations were sabotaged by violent criminals, with the full cooperation of government authorities. We cooperated with the media only to have our words twisted and used to slander us. We cooperated with law enforcement, only to witness them aid and abet violent criminals. We vacated the streets to deescalate the violence brought by our foes, only to see those foes continue their terrorism unchallenged, attacking non-combatants along the way.

As the year draws to a close, uncertainty grips the Nation. Ineffective though Republican majorities may have been, a split legislature threatens further instability at the federal level in the years to come. Stocks fluctuate wildly. The dollar itself, though unexpectedly strong at present, faces significant challenges just over the horizon.

Despite all of this, dear friends, I would choose no other time to be alive.

On this day one year ago, I had only been out of jail for three weeks. I faced the very real prospect of spending decades in prison, for a crime every honest observer knew I had not committed. I had no income aside from cryptocurrency donations. I was disarmed, affixed with a tracking device by a hostile foreign government, held against my will hundreds of miles from home, and hiding for fear of my very life.

Today, though the struggles ahead are quite daunting, I reflect on how far we have all come together.

I am happy to report to you today from my home in New Hampshire, where I have greater faith in the integrity of the government. I have two startup businesses helping to finance our struggle, and more projects advancing toward that end. Though our movement remains in disarray, the challenges of the last 16 months have helped us to evaluate the character of our comrades, providing a better assessment of our assets and liabilities than at any time prior. I have laid out a 12 step plan toward a peaceful political solution to the conflict before us, and it has been well received by many of you.

And so, though our future remains perilous and uncertain, I see the challenges ahead as a welcomed test of our fortitude. Perhaps we find ourselves in this position because such tests had not been forthcoming prior. Difficult circumstances made for strong men, strong men made for good times, good times made for weak men, and those weak men made for the difficult times we face today. Today’s difficult times are likewise making for strong men like you, which one may hope will make for good times ahead.

I thus consider our challenges a unique privilege, and I invite you to view them similarly. I recall a time not so long ago when I faced no such challenges. I was drunk more nights than not, weighing in at 265lbs and not for an abundance of muscle. The pointlessness of day to day life weighed more on me then, than the prospect of prison did earlier this year. The struggles we face have sharpened my mind, strengthened my resolve, heightened my sense of purpose, and driven me to improve my physical fitness. Though I have not always prevailed in my struggles against my vices, I have at least seen fit to struggle.

I have been rewarded with one major success, one which I am confident will lead to greater victories down the road.

I did not endeavor down this path in the hopes of becoming wildly wealthy or popular, but rather to build a hard core cadre of radical ideologues who would dedicate their lives to our cause. You, I suspect, are amongst them, and I am honored to have played a part in bringing you with me to this pivotal moment.

Though I rarely find value in the words of communists, I am reminded today of a quote by Fidel Castro;

I began revolution with 82 men. If I had to do it again, I’d do it with 10 or 15 and absolute faith. It does not matter how small you are if you have faith and plan of action.

Recall then, that you one of thousands of men listening to this message. We are in a far better place than Castro’s revolution, which to this day imposes communism on the population of that country. We have an even more distinct advantage, in that while the communists struggle against reality itself, we have God and nature on our side.  We likewise possess the intellect and martial prowess that drove White men to conquer much of this Earth, until we foolishly, though voluntarily, abdicated our rule.

Our wounds are nearly healed, our resolve unrivaled, and the righteousness of our cause unquestionable. So while we will not make the error of thinking our victory to be certain, I remind you today that lesser men have overcome greater obstacles with far fewer advantages. The strife we face along the path only sweetens the victory ahead, and should we prevail, strong men like you will make for the greatest of times down the road.


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