Radical Agenda S04E065 – Coinciding Conclusions

It’s been quite a year, fellas. The echoes of Charlottesville, lawfare, internecine conflict, censorship, an all too familiar series of letdowns by the Republican Party, and a frightening realization of just how thoroughly our government has been corrupted, mar the pages of this year’s story.

We’ve watched good men convicted and harshly sentenced for defending themselves against terrorists. We’ve watched those same terrorists openly brag about their crimes with no fear of repercussion. We’ve watched the highest echelons of our financial system suppress us while helping to finance those terrorists, and likewise for the tech sector.

Internally, those of us with skeletons in our closets saw their closet doors blown straight off the hinges. Our supposed leaders formed a circular firing squad, and emptied their magazines with reckless abandon. Today your humble correspondent faces nearly as much opposition from our own people as from the Jews and their Gentile dupes.

The Optics Debate” shockingly enough granted us the approval of neither the State nor its media apologists. It did a fine job of tearing this movement apart, though. So to the extent that was its purpose, we can call it a success.

Speaking of optics, one man sympathetic to our plight, said Fuck em, and went in. Lacking direction or hope of a peaceful solution, he walked into a Pittsburgh synagogue during a Bris for a gay couple’s adopted twin sons, shouted “ALL JUST MUST DIE!” and opened fire on those inside.

Radical Agenda S04E065 - Coinciding Conclusions
Radical Agenda S04E065 – Coinciding Conclusions

This gave me a lot to think about.

During Stage 3, I read Siege, by James Mason. The “Read Siege” meme was a lot of fun. We finally found a meme too edgy for the Nazis, and I crowned myself king of the edgelords. This was a feat I had long hoped to accomplish ever since Weev joined us for EP243, and I celebrated this as a great victory.

But as I watched serious debate erupt as to the efficacy and ethics of gunning down non-combatants in a house of worship, I began to question the value of my title. Try though I might to assure everyone that the Radical Agenda is an entertainment program, I am reluctantly forced to accept the reality that people have come to take what I say seriously. It occurred to me that if I endorsed this tactic, even jokingly, I would likely see the results plastered all over the news as Radical Agenda listeners emulated it, effectively ending their lives in suicide missions which served no strategic purpose.

For the first time in a long time I said to myself “You’ve gotta dial this back”.

A recurring question callers have brought to Stage Four has been the future of the Radical Agenda. There is some degree of uncertainty as to how much of a future it even has, whether I should rebrand, whether I should change the tone, try to make it more appealing to a broader audience, self censor, or go harder. I spend a lot of time thinking about this, and I reach no satisfying conclusions.

On the one hand, the Radical Agenda is a work of art. I ought to be able to say as I please, and be treated no worse than any gangster rapper, movie producer, or pornographer.

Nobody blames 50 Cent when blacks gun eachother down on street corners. Nobody sues pornographers when women are sexually abused. Nobody says it’s okay to punch Al Pacino when he plays a Cuban drug kingpin. Nobody refuses to process payments for Rockstar Games when car thieves beat up prostitutes.

The efforts to stifle my artistic expression have thusly infuriated me, and rightly so. At each step of this, I have retaliated by becoming more extreme, and redoubling my efforts to defeat our tormenters.

I began writing about sex and gender to combat the feminist intrusion to the libertarian movement. I began to embrace race realism when Walter Williams told me that political correctness was actually hurting the black community, and solving those problems was “going to require that white people show some backbone, and courage, and not fear being called a racist”. As the Left shifted from whining about words on the Internet to fomenting full blown race war, I likewise escalated my language.

Even then, I always rejected the Nazi branding. I got stuck with the Nazi moniker, literally, for a video where I said “I’m not a fucking Nazi”. At the outset of Stage Three I told the audience that I still wasn’t a Nazi, but that I was going to stop rejecting the branding as yet another form of retaliation. We changed the call in number for the show to 424-3-GO-NAZI, and when the company providing phone service shut us down for hate speech, I got a new number with a new provider, 740-I-AM-1488.

At each of these points along our path I thought I was disincentivizing the interference, and maintaining the artistic integrity of this production.

Today, I realize that I’ve been obediently taking bait from people who seek our destruction. I have become Exhibit A in the Left’s war on Gab, and free speech more broadly. Some have been so bold as to try and associate me with Tucker Carlson, though he has never returned a single email of mine. Radical Agenda listeners have been doxed, fired from their jobs, had their personal relationships destroyed, and become exponentially angrier all along the way.

To say the least of it, these are not the outcomes I sought when I set out down this path. If we are bankrupted, silenced, incarcerated, socially isolated, and killed, it doesn’t matter how right we are. That path amounts to ceding victory to our rivals, and though I think I’ve shown a willingness to suffer tremendously for our cause, forfeit is one indignity I will not abide.

So as 2018 draws to a conclusion, so does Stage Four of the Radical Agenda. We’ll begin Stage Five on our regular schedule, and I assure you that neither I nor any listener will not forget the seriousness of the problems we face, nor which ethnic groups are causing them.

My New Year’s resolution will be to focus more on overcoming the challenges we face, than simply drawing attention and fury to them. We must not allow our foes to cloud our judgement, or lead us into traps. For us to have any hope of salvation whatsoever, we must be financially, socially, politically, and reproductively more successful than our rivals, and those under their spell. We’ll need to do a lot more than bitch about Jews to accomplish this.

But, to go out with a bang, I’ve put together a collection of some of the most degenerate stories of 2018, and a bunch of clips from the show over the last year. We’ll start the show at our regular 5pm Eastern time slot, and go until we run out of gas. If that means we ring in the New Year at midnight together, so be it, but I have my doubts.

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