Radical Agenda S05E001 – New Year, Old Bit

In the current year, transgenderism is basically a welfare program for psychopaths. If your life sucks and everyone hates you, all you have to do is say you’re transgendered, and hating you will become a criminal offense. Gone are the days when one of these gender diverse science projects could not obtain employment or housing due to incompetence or inability to pay, now they are the most celebrated contagious mental illness, and act of degeneracy, of our liberal elites. Today, they are the tip of the rainbow spear, and you must give them what they demand, or you will be guilty of “discrimination”.

But it wasn’t always like that. Back in the dark days of 2015, leaving your wife and seven children at the age of 46, to live your life as a six year old girl, and sex slave to your adoptive “mummy and daddy,” was still frowned upon by society.

Radical Agenda S05E001 - New Year, Old Bit
Radical Agenda S05E001 – New Year, Old Bit

Such was the plight of one Stefonknee (pronounced ‘Stef-on-knee’ – Deadname: Paul) Wolscht.

Paul fathered seven children with his wife, Maria. He worked as a mechanic, and was a dedicated member of the Catholic church. Paul claims to have known he was “different” as young as six, and at some point during his marriage he confided in his wife that he liked to cross dress from time to time, which she tolerated. Then, after 23 years of marriage, Paul started going to “transgender workshops” in Toronto, and decided he was, in fact, a little girl and had to live his life this way, openly.

He sat his children down and explained that daddy was a girl now, and would begin parading his degeneracy around in front of them, and the neighbors, and their friends. His kids were predictably repulsed. Then his wife told him “stop being trans or leave” at which point Paul decided he would rather be a homeless transgender prostitute, than take care of his family.

This, surprisingly, did not improve the quality of his life. He attempted suicide twice, or at least, pretended to, in hopes of gaining sympathy.

It worked, too. Paul joined the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto, where much of the congregation is made up of LGBT types who formed a special support group just for him.

He went on FetLife, a fetish dating website, where he met his “mummy and daddy”. They have “adopted” him, and and allow him to play with their grandchildren. Paul started off pretending he was 8 years old, but when one of the grandchildren wanted to be the oldest, he offered to become six instead, and he has stayed the same age ever since.

But it’s not just the grandchildren that Paul plays with. Paul is also Daddy’s sex slave.

Welcome to the modern family.

Paul made quite the spectacle of himself in the years that followed, giving numerous media interviews. Perhaps the most troubling of which was with a podcast called “The Heart Radio” on Season 1 Episode 9, titled “How To Become A Princess”.

We covered this on Radical Agenda EP077 – Cucktober in December, but this is one bit worthy of recycling after three years. I’ve put together some choice audio from Paul’s interviews, and whether you’ve been listening since 2015 or not, I promise you’ll laugh your ass off at this freak show.

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