Radical Agenda S05E003 – Patriot Front

Tom Rousseau, the leader of Patriot Front, is our guest for today. They’ve been one of few outfits still doing street activism since the implosion of the Alt Right last year.

I’ve got more questions than answers at this point, and thusly the format of today’s show will be Tom and I getting to know one another.

That being the case, I’ll give you some of my favorite lines from their manifesto to fill up today’s show description.

America was built in the image of the Roman Republic. Its capital, imagery, and goals were set with good intentions upon that foundation. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and our nation lies surrounded by brimstone. The time of the Republic has passed in America as the system grows too weak to perform its duty. Arrogance and delusions of infinite power have brought the State to the point of buckling. The damage done to this nation and its people will not be fixed if every issue requires the approval and blessing from the dysfunctional American democratic system. Democracy has failed in this once great nation. Now the time for a new Caesar to revive the American spirit has dawned.


Our mission is a hard reset on the nation we see today— a return to the traditions and virtues of our forefathers. The same spirit that urged our ancestors onward to create this nation will once again be brought to light, and a new America will be built within its current dilapidated, shameful iteration. Generation after generation lived in war and strife so that their descendants may know peace. It was their duty to give their lives in such a way. The torch is now passed to our generation, and it is our duty to make their sacrifices mean something.


Much in accordance with our beliefs, there will not be a single moment where victory will be achieved, so much as there will be a long lasting effort to ensure an enduring victory. This continent was conquered not by the men who drew borders on maps but by the members of the nation who trod out into the unknown to seek the future. In the same way, we see a long and demanding task ahead. The patriots of today may not see the culmination of their grand vision, but rather in their lifetime set the nation and its people upon this task with the multigenerational spirit to stand the test of time.


The previous era has been spent broadening the definition of what an American is. The coming era will refine the definition of an American. To the American people our movement is revolutionary, yet familiar. We bring forth the traditions of our past imbued with new vigor to bring us closer to our grand vision. Our tradition is revolution, and our land is where tyrants come to die.


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